The planet Earth is our home, where we live billions of living beings, as Humanity we are endangering the sustainability and continuity of our planet with a consumeristic and aggressive lifestyle in the use of natural resources. We generate huge amounts of waste, non-biodegradable packaging, electronic waste and waste energy as if our sources were inexhaustible. We look for immediacy and comfort and forget about its high environmental impact. We can all contribute our bit and become an active part of a way of living, more sustainable and respectful of the environment. In this post we offer you some easy-to-follow tips to take care of our planet.
For the summer heat, fruit is always recommended, nutrition experts recommend taking five servings a day. The fruit, besides being a good source of vitamins and minerals, improves the hydration of the organism, it contributes antioxidants and its caloric contribution is low. Contains vegetable fibers, simple carbohydrates and no fat. For example, a seasonal fruit like peach or nectarine, which do you prefer? Although these fruits are quite similar in color and shape there are several differences, in this post we explain some of them.
Today we invite you to enjoy La Gomera in a different and refreshing way, sailing your way up a kayak. It is a safe and fun activity, you do not need previous experience since the kayaks are easy to carry and you will always be accompanied by a qualified monitor who will instruct you in the conduction of the kayak.
The island of La Gomera has been the scene of stories of love and dislike between important historical figures. One of them tells us that there was a secret romance between Christopher Columbus and the feudal Lady of La Gomera at that time, Doña Beatriz de Bobadilla and Osorio, during the stopovers that the Admiral made in La Gomera to America. The Admiral's fleet stopped at La Gomera on three occasions, 1492, 1493 and 1498. There he had the important assistance of Dona Beatriz de Bobadilla, Governor of the island of La Gomera, who supplied the fleet of Columbus of everything necessary to continue the journey.
After a good walk along the paths of La Gomera, it is a pleasure to taste the famous Canarian watercress stew, served in the traditional way in wooden plates of sabina or aceviño. This dish forms part of the gastronomic culture of the Canary Islands. It can be served as a single dish or as first before the main, accompanied by gofio, small pieces of tender white cheese or slices of raw onion and its broth is used to make the traditional "scalded gofio".

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