Today we are going to explain to you what permaculture consists of, the association and rotation of crops and the holistic management, principles used in Eco Finca Tecina. These terms, which may be familiar to you, are now one of the latest innovations worldwide in terms of a sustainable way of cultivating, in harmony with nature, without using pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We invite you to learn more about our principles for sustainable agriculture, a pioneer in the Canary Islands and La Gomera.
Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter, but the wonderful climate of La Gomera, one of the best in the world, allows us to visit the beautiful landscapes all year round. Take the opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh air, oxygenate your body and relax, moving from one landscape to another and let nature slowly envelop all your senses. With this objective, today we suggest you take a walk through a landscape dominated by steep slopes, cliffs and ravines chiselled by water and wind, the Rural Park of Valle Gran Rey.
If you are one of those who eat grapes, only at the end of the year or think that they only serve to make wine ... you still do not know their fantastic properties. With this post, we pretend that you can take advantage of this nutritious and rich fruit, which should not only be included in a healthy diet but also offers great value as an ingredient in beauty treatments.
For decades, the diet of the aboriginal peoples of the Canary Islands, in times before the Conquest, has been debated. The archaeological investigations carried out in the last years, have allowed to clear some doubts on this subject.
Today we are going to take a walk through the Majona Natural Park, an exceptional place of great environmental value, where erosion has formed spectacular ravines and incredible cliffs that defy the sea. This natural paradise is located in the northwest of La Gomera, in one of the wildest areas of the island, covering part of the municipalities of San Sebastián and Hermigua. Two large ravines, which descend from the Altos de Enchereda, make up this beautiful park: the ravines of Majona and Juel.

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