The summer attracts us all year long with its promise of beach, holidays and summer parties, which in the Canaries are lived with great intensity, one of the most important is "San Juan Night" and "San Juan Bautista Day". Due to its proximity to the summer solstice on June 21 (the shortest night of the year), the festivities of San Juan are enjoyed in many places, from June 21 to 24. A festival, where the divine and the pagan go hand in hand in a cascade of folk traditions and rituals linked to fire and water.
Summer has not yet arrived but it is already showing us its full potential through an early heat wave. The embarrassment has been installed for a few days causing fatigue and dehydration. So that you can continue enjoying your vacation or your daily life, despite the high temperatures, we will give you twelve ideas to protect your health and that of your family.
Summer is coming and your vacation is too. It is a period in which we want to enjoy the sun of the sea, the pool and why not, a good relaxing massage In our Club Buganvilla Oasis Vital you can travel to Sri Lanka, the ancient Ceylon, through a fantastic massage in which you will discover the many properties of cinnamon, a native spice of this island. The inviting aroma of cinnamon combined with movements and striping using sea shells will roam your body, sinking into total relaxation.
In the waters of La Gomera, there are different types of natural habitat: blanquizales areas, sand bottoms populated by eel banks, underwater caves, reefs, maërl communities and sebadales. Of these habitats, the sebadales have an undoubted ecological value. They stand out for their importance for the maintenance of the health of the marine environment by producing oxygen and organic matter from CO² and nutrients. Find out more about what is a sebadal and its importance.
If you like the charming corners and enjoy the sea in its pure state, you can not miss the natural pools of the davit of Hermigua. A magical landscape, in which four hypnotizing columns emerge from the flowing waters of the northern coast, giving this enclave an air, mysterious, as arising from Greek mythology.

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