The Abrante Viewpoint built in 2014 and located in Agulo town, is one of the most well known viewpoints of La Gomera Island. If you are visiting La Gomera, or planning to travel to the island, this viewpoint is undoubtedly a must-visit on your list.
Today we want to invite you to an excursion through La Gomera, so you can get to know a corner of our island, from San Sebastián to Santiago Beach. Do you dare?
The carnival of La Gomera is peculiar, characteristic, and quite different from the rest of the islands because there are no crowds. However, you can feel the vibrant tradition in all the streets during these festivities.
La Gomera is one of the smallest of the Canary Islands archipelago, however, there are many of magnificent beaches with crystal clear water perfect to relax, take a bath or just walk and admire the beauty and tranquillity that the island offers.

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