Today we propose a walk through Agulo, a beautiful northern municipality, open to the Atlantic Ocean, with the majestic volcano of Teide always present in its landscapes. Take a stroll through this beautiful village, small haven of peace surrounded by nature, will conquer you. The village of Agulo, is located in the interior of an impressive natural depression of semicircular form. Founded at the beginning of the 17th century, it is one of the oldest villages in La Gomera, due to its undeniable attractiveness and its careful appearance is known as "the smasher of La Gomera".
La Gomera is a beautiful island that has not had volcanic activity in the last 2 million years. This prolonged inactivity has caused an important process of erosion, which has shaped the island, with deep gullies and giving La Gomera an aspect somewhat less volcanic than the rest of the Canary Islands. In this post we offer you some questions and answers about the formation and the geological aspect of La Gomera.
Have you ever wondered ... when making the purchase, what is the story of that food? Under what conditions was it cultivated, where did it come from or how many miles did it travel to get to your table? The consumption of local products, is part of a broader movement "sustainable movement" seeking a harmonious relationship between society and nature. Conserve and protect the environment responsibly without endangering our resources or those of future generations.
"Once you have tried the flight you will always walk the Earth with your eyes looking at Heaven, because you have already been there and you will always want to return." This famous phrase of the extraordinary Leonardo da Vinci expresses in a few words the deep emotion it causes in the human being experience flying. Flying in paragliding can be a unique experience, those who have already flown, describe it as a feeling of pure freedom, peace and tranquility, only altered by the sound of the sail plowing the air. Have you tried to get to know La Gomera in a different way, from the sky and in paragliding?
La Gomera is an island that lives its ancient traditions, handed down from generation to generation by the local people. These are natural and supernatural facts, with a greater or lesser historical base that have survived over time through stories, songs, stories, myths or legends, where mysterious lights, pirates, witches, conquerors, kings, princesses, rebellions or tragic loves ... are the main protagonists.

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