Food is another of the attractions of our island, and one of the most valued products on the menu in La Gomera is Gomero cheese. This type of cheese is made with raw goat’s milk or a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk. As with other types of cheese, the typical cheese of La Gomera also changes in taste, depending on the level of curing. It ranges from the soft and delicate flavour of fresh cheese, to the strong smell and flavour of cured cheese.
The Easter holidays are approaching and choosing your destination may be easier than you think. Nature, beaches, food and the chance to spend time together as a family, as a couple or with friends… Could you ask for anything more? La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina are the destination you were seeking, and today we are going to give you some good reasons to visit us this year.
Eco Finca Tecina is one of the most important places for us at Hotel Jardín Tecina. It is an ecological garden based on permaculture design principles, which are centred on the patterns and features observed in the natural ecosystem.
Las Creces is a high-recommended circular trail, suitable for walkers of all ages. It is an easy trail, almost without elevation gain, that you will be able to finish it in a couple of hours.

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