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Home > La Gomera > Environmentally-Friendly Island

Environmentally-Friendly Island

La Gomera is a small island having a total area of 378 sq kilometres and hardly 20 km. from north to south. Yet it conceals an ecological treasure without precedent and has been declared a Property of Humanity by UNESCO. Few places in the world have such a wealth of natural beauty as La Gomera, even more interesting because of its past prehistoric character.

The island, with its steep terrain, drops sharply from the peak of Garajonay down to the Atlantic Ocean in a sequence of mountains and cliffs that form almost perfect circles. The rich vegetation, a relic from the beginning of the time, and having species that are almost non existent on any other part of the planet, descends little by little to the coast.


Steep ravines lead down to fertile valleys and agricultural areas, where the human hand works hard to gain the fruits of the land, and at the same time shapes the landscape.

Rain clouds driven along by the mild prevailing winds, meet the high mountains and unload their moisture, drop by drop, in a unique way called horizontal precipitation. As a result of this the entire island is covered with a fine mist that extends over the lush vegetation. Garajonay is a genuine rain forest, where trees can grow as tall as 15 metres, taking on whimsically twisted forms that give the landscape a magical and surprising appearance.

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