One of the best ways to experience the beauty of La Gomera is to navigate it by boat and sail along its coasts. You will discover dreamlike landscapes formed by volcanoes of millions of years ago. You will experience the pleasant caress of the sea breeze and the sighting of dolphins or whales in their natural habitat, while enjoying a beautiful sunset.
During summer, we are always looking for places to cool off, whether diving in the sea, taking a dip in the pool or having an ice cream. If you really want to enjoy the pleasure of an ice cream, you have to try ours at Hotel Jardin Tecina
The Canary islands were formed millions of years ago and, even today, they maintain their volcanic origin, which can be enjoyed while visiting each of the seven islands: craters, caves and seas of lava that remain unchanged. The combination of all these elements makes these islands an unique paradise in the middle of the sea. One of these islands, La Gomera has created a wild habitat that confirms the strength and natural beauty of our planet: cliffs, beaches and forests with unparalleled charms.
Rooms in Hotel Jardín Tecina have been redesigned with fresher and brighter colours for complete relaxation of our guests. The colour of each room has been chosen according to the Neuromarketing.
La Gomera is the perfect destination for those who are in the search of a peaceful environment in which they can spend their holidays. It has beaches with clean and clear water; some are ideal for families, with recreational spaces; and others are located away from neighborhoods and offer spectacular natural landscapes. Do you want to discover which are the best beaches in La Gomera? Find it out here!

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