A new sports discipline has extended throughout gyms. Do you know what CrossFit is? Why is it so popular? Which are its benefits? We tell you all about it here; with the support of the fitness instructor at Hotel Jardin Tecina Gabriel Gil.
La Gomera has a network of over 600 kilometers of trails. There are trails for all tastes: with different levels of difficulty for those who like challenging themselves; from very long to short trails; those in which you can always walk through the shadow of the lush laurisilva trees; and trails where you walk with an ocean view.
The gastronomy of La Gomera is part of the Canarian gastronomy which is one of the most surprising gastronomies in Spain, with all those singularities that provide it with unique characteristics. It is based on high-quality products that have been grown by our own inhabitants. It is a tasty, varied, and healthy cuisine that includes amazing dishes preserving the essence of our gastronomy to the maximum. We usually served plentiful servings in our meals. Do you want to join us for a walk through the typical cuisine of our island?
In the last few years, the meaning of the word holidays has been strongly related to rest. Additionally to enjoying the gastronomy, spectacular landscapes, getting to know the local customs or the artistic heritage, tourists just want to relax; and this is much easier to find in an adults-only hotel.
The '' expected '' Carnivals have already begun, and the parade celebrations are coming up soon. Although they are one of the main attractions of the Canarian archipelago, we are not always in a festive mood, and many people look for an alternative plan for those days. Here there are five reasons to scape to La Gomera on Carnival.

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