There is an infinite number of activities suitable for all tastes for everyone who visits Hotel Jardín Tecina to help them enjoy La Gomera: hiking trails, water sports, wine tourism, cultural activities... Today we want to tell you all about the places you mustn’t miss to discover all the island’s charms.

As we have said on more than one occasion, La Gomera is nature, and there will therefore be many nooks and crannies to get to know during your stay on the island:

  1. Mirador de Abrante. Enjoy incredible views from this viewpoint, which is a glass walkway suspended 625 metres above the village of Agulo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and El Teide.
  2. La Laja. The viewpoint gives great views across much of the La Laja ravine. You can go by car from San Sebastián through San Antonio, Chejelipes... and walk from Degollada de Peraza and back through Roque de Agando or pass through El Bailadero and La Zarcita.
  3. Majona Natural Park. This natural park is located to the northwest of San Sebastián and corresponds to an old communal meadow where certain grazing practices still survive. Don’t miss a visit to the Mirador de Guanijar. Finish off your excursion with a swim and lunch at Playa de La Caleta and Santa Catalina.
  4. El Cedro. One of the wonders offered by nature in La Gomera, where you’ll find enormous specimens of heather, beech, Canary holly and viñátigo (Persea indica) covered with moss and lichens. We recommend taking a walk to the Hermitage of Lourdes and trying watercress stew for lunch at Restaurante La Vista.
  5. Laguna Grande. This is the island’s largest recreational area, about 12,500 square metres, located in the centre of La Gomera and the Garajonay National Park. Here you can enjoy authentic Gomeran flavours at Restaurante Laguna Grande.
  6. Garajonay National Park. The “must-see” on La Gomera is this forest occupying an area of about 4,000 hectares that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. A wonder of nature where lovers of hiking and nature can enjoy different routes to discover its charms.
  7. Fortress of Chipude. This is one of the island’s most important archaeological sites, formed by a natural plateau measuring about 300 metres long. An absolute must-see.

On La Gomera, the magical island, there is still so much more to discover. Shall we get started?