Gomero cheese is a true delicacy, one of the typical products from La Gomera that you really should taste if you are spending some time on our island. It is made from raw goat’s milk and is sometimes also mixed with sheep’s milk. There are different types of cheese that can be differentiated by how long they are cured for, with soft, semi-cured or cured cheese. As with any other type of cheese, the flavours vary from the mild taste of the soft cheese to the strong flavour of the cured type.

As well as their flavour, another of the most attractive things and great strengths that make Gomero cheese so special is its handmade production. Producers put all their efforts and care into making their cheeses, from feeding, caring for and milking the goats to get the milk, until the final packing stage.

If you are going to spend a few days in La Gomera, this will no doubt be one of the typical products that you will want to take home, and there are many producers on the island that you can visit. “Alimentos de La Gomera”, a brand that includes traditional agri-food products from and produced exclusively on the island of La Gomera, suggests the following list of producers of Gomero cheese:

  • Quesería Ayamosna
  • Quesería Elisa
  • Quesería Fernando Mora
  • Quesería La Empleita
  • Quesería Quise
  • Quesería San Lorenzo
  • Queso Artesanal Gomero
  • Queso de Plácido
  • Queso Gomero La Cabezada

In terms of the food on La Gomera, cheese will be one of the essential things you must remember to try on our island to leave a great taste in your mouth.