Christmas is the time of year that brings peace and time to enjoy yourself. If you are one of those who want to escape from crowds and cold breeze, consider to come here and spend a few days at Hotel Jardin Tecina. We have no winter here; at least, not as it is known. You will wake up surrounded by nature and submerged in the perfect climate of the island. In addition, the hotel team has organized some activities (concerts, parties for families with children, fireworks) so you can enjoy alone, as a couple, or with your whole family.

The fun has already begun, and it will continue during these two weeks until January 6th, when the celebration will end with a show at the Salon Bar.

There will be games, different sports, and shows to entertain your days starting todayYou will never get bored because we have plenty of activities to chose from,  for example: On Saturday 23th, you can attend to dance class at 11:30 and visit the living crib at the entrance of our restaurant at 6:30 p.m., while on the 24th in the morning you can play the Molkky, a game originally from Finland..

The pink winter sunsets come along with night entertainment and spectacular views of the island, with the mountain in the distance. During the shows, you will have the opportunity to enjoy live music in different places around the hotel. The Scandinavian pianist Anne Tina, and musicians Juan Cortés and Gloria Medina will captivate you with the sound of the guitar and you can relax while enjoying the melody of a live acoustic concert.

Our small guests can have fun at the Miniclub Tecina, where they will have many original activities every day: making Christmas cookies, decorations and postcards. They will also have theme days: such as the Olympic Day, the Art Day, Music Day and Indian day; where they can participate in a rally, shows, sing on a karaoke, find the lost treasure, among many other activities!

On Christmas Eve, the dinner schedule will be from 18:00 to 21:00 for allowing employees to also meet their families later. It will be an unique and special evening. The Christmas decorations that give life to the hotel during these days are handmade with recycled materials. The white balls hanging on the tree, the stars, the thematic figures of the napkins and the lights have been placed by our employees with love and they provide a magical and unique atmosphere.

Christmas at Jardín Tecina will be a different experience thanks to the environment of the island. In the afternoon, after the arrival of Santa Claus at the hotel, our youngest guests can enjoy the mini-disco and a pyjama party with snacks and surprises. At 18:15, you have a date with the Christmas Concert at the Salon Bar, where you can enjoy the Trio Prelude, composed by artists Itahisa Darias, Chaxiraxi González (violinists) and Yurena Darias (cello).

The menu, which also has an option for vegans, will allow you to try delicatessen such as soft cream of bimi and sweet potatoes with pistachio pesto and Norway lobster grilled on charcoal, or the baked turkey fillet stuffed with dates and plums, with creamy sauce of driet apricots in Malvasia, on apple slices with cinnamon and chesnut puree.

Ding dong ... Ding dong ... Do you hear that? The bells ring. At the end of the year, an authentic party awaits you at our hotel. 2018 will begin with the peace that surrounds the island and its nature, and you having a great time. There will be a gala dinner, a cotillion, DJ, many moments to remember and an open bar to toast for the New Year.

In order to start the year with the right foot, the celebration will continue the next day for both, the active people that wake up soon after the party, with sports, games, and lots of activities, and those who like sleeping a bit more, with concerts and a show at the Salon Bar. The last days of the holidays will continue having the same rhythm, so you will probably say goodbye to the island with marvelous experiences that you will never forget.