For hiking, it is very important to know what type of clothing to use. Clothing should be comfortable and breathable. Logically, depending on the time of year, it should be thicker or not.

We must avoid tight clothing that could cause injuries to our body from sweat, and it is not advisable to leave them too loose since, when walking in the fields or mountains, they could be caught in shrubs, plants, trees or rocks. Short pants or short sleeves are also discouraged for two reasons: avoid scratches and excessive action of the sun on the skin.

We could summarize as essential clothing the following.

- Suitable and waterproof hiking pants. That they are not too narrow and yes they have numerous pockets is important because, although you will carry backpack, you can always need to carry tools like a razor, a pedometer or the mobile by hand.

- Breathable T-shirts.

- Socks. They must be warm and absorb sweat well. It is also important that they fit well and be smooth. The fabric will vary depending on whether it is used in winter or in summer.

- Raincoat or rain gear and a sun hat to avoid sunstroke and heat stroke. We are in the spring and there are often transient storms. A light raincoat does not occupy anything in the backpack.

If you already have your clothes ready ... enjoy the trails of La Gomera!