The “plátano canario” is a fruit of sweet taste, soft texture and intense aroma. Often used in baby food, smoothies or juices to sweeten naturally or only, it is always a good and healthy choice as a dessert or snack between meals.

Besides being a delicious fruit has numerous properties. It is an important source of fiber, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and manganese especially since it covers a very large percentage of the daily requirement of these nutrients in both children and adults. Therefore it is a satiating fruit, is an ideal food when we feel tired or sad, because it brings us energy thanks to its content in potassium and carbohydrates and very useful for lowering hypertension.

Virtually everyone has consumed regularly or sporadically plantains or bananas, but ... although at first glance seem similar, do you really know how they differ?

The unique features of “plátano canario” distinguish it from bananas of other sources. These are some of the differences:

  • Size, color and appearance: Bananas in the Canary Islands (“plátano canario”) are smaller than the bananas from other sources, its flesh is yellow and your skin has a distinctive dark specks, something that has become a sign of identity in Spain and other European countries.
  • Texture: its texture is firmer and is also juicier (because they have a higher humidity) the American banana, which is mealy and drier.
  • Aroma: The aroma is more intense, due to certain compounds that are more abundant in the “plátano canario” than on the banana.
  • Caloric content: is lower than the banana because it has less carbohydrates.
  • Taste: it has a greater amount of total sugars, so it has a greater sweetness.
  • Low sodium: being lower than the banana.
  • Potassium and phosphorus: higher content of potassium and phosphorus.
  • Total mineral content: higher than the banana.

These differences are mainly:

  • Canary is characterized by a traditional crop, made by small independent producers grouped, compared with large companies that handle large-scale production in other countries.
  • The mild subtropical climate of the Canary Islands: that allows the degree of maturity gradually reach with a stay at the plant that is higher in the Canary Islands banana ("plátano canario") (6 months) than in the banana (3 months). This gives our banana greater maturity, flavor and aroma.
  • “Plátano canario” production is European: therefore their production is linked to phytosanitary control standards, environment and food security of the European Union, which are in many cases more stringent than in other producing countries.
  • The “plátano canario” is the only type of banana in the world that has the seal of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), this distinction guarantees the uniqueness and the origin of our bananas, recognizing the Canary banana as a single product and quality . In the Gomera, it is grown in the southwest, southeast and northeast of the island.

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