La Gomera has so many breathtaking places that we often find it difficult to decide when planning our trip. We are often asked how many days you need to visit La Gomera and the truth is that it doesn’t really matter, because La Gomera is a place that never stops surprising you. Even those of us who live on the island enjoy it every day. The more days you can come, the better. We have many landscapes that are worthy of a picture, so if you accept suggestions, here are some places that you cannot miss: 

1. San Sebastián de la Gomera. Capital of the island and a place that is filled with history. Did you know that this is the place where Columbus set out from on his great adventure? You can also visit the Torre del Conde (the Count’s Tour), which is considered a Historic Artistic Monument.

2. Santiago beach. A small and cosy coastal village, where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets, exquisite cuisine and a wide range of sports, with our Tecina Golf golf course standing out.  

3. Agulo. A small village with colourful houses known as El bombón de La Gomera. In this area you will find the Garajonay National Park, and it is on the route to the Mirador de Abrante (Abrante viewpoint). It is a must if you are in the area.

4. Los Órganos. This is a cliff that is 200 meters long and 80 meters high, and it looks like an organ that nature has carved into basalt columns.

5. Vallehermoso. It is one of the most visited villages with a wide range of activities and the perfect place if you want to discover the Silbo Gomero (La Gomera whistle).

6. Viewpoints. La Gomera has many breathtaking viewpoints. The best option to visit them is renting a car; choose your favourites and trace a route.

7. Valle Gran Rey. A residential and leisure area facing the Atlantic Ocean with beautiful beaches and natural pools known as 'Charcos'. We recommend the Charco del Conde (ideal for going with children as its waters are shallow) and the Charco de la Condesa if you like surfing or if you are a sunset lover.

8. And we saved the best for last: The Garajonay Park. 
If you have a quiet trip in mind and you are only going to visit a couple of places, Garajonay must be one of them. Its surface area covers 10% of the island and when you walk through its paths you are teleported to a fairytale forest: it seems that magical beings are going to emerge from its laurel forests at any time.
How is this vast piece of nature possible? Because of 'horizontal rain'. Being in the highest part of the island, clouds are formed and give the feeling of being surrounded by fog, and this in turn, provides the humidity required to create such a spectacular place. We recommend that you visit it in the morning and walk some of its routes. The park is perfect for going with children. All the excursions that start from the park are simple and ideal for the whole family.

Now that you know a little more about La Gomera... When are you coming to visit us?