How many times have we heard that nature is capricious? La Gomera is a unique and incomparable environment, sculpted by wind and waves, worthy of admiration because of its majestic beauty.

There is something that catches the attention of all visitors in our intricate orography: spectacular cliffs formed by giant stone walls where the waves break, creating truly admirable scenes.

Additionally, contemplate the views, a beautiful sunrise from the top of a mountain. There are amazing experiences that everyone should have at least once.

La Gomera is full of cliffs where you can stop to admire the majesty of the sea, but there is one which deserves special mention, the Natural Monument of Los Órganos, a majestic extension of 150 hectares, formed by basaltic rock, which is very common on the island.

This marvellous shape of magma was formed from very viscous lava that cooled slowly, acquiring a characteristic form of vertical columns that resemble a massive church organ, emerging in the middle of the ocean. Approximately 200 metres wide and 80 metres high, this beauty of the wild nature will impress you.

To enjoy the majestic view, it is recommended to do it from the sea. There are several excursions on private boats to Los Órganos, from Valle de Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago. These excursions cover the entire western coast of La Gomera and end in this unique spot of special beauty.

We recommend that you take binoculars with you so that you can admire the nature in detail, as well as sighting curious birds that live on the cliff, like osprey or shorttoed eagles.

Undoubtedly, a natural monument that everyone who visits the island of La Gomera should contemplate. A whim of nature worth visiting.