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La Gomera

La Gomera is a small island, but its 378 square kilometres, just 20 km north to south, hide an unprecedented ecological treasure that has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Steep terrain, the island is released abruptly from the summit of the peak Garajonay looking the Atlantic in a sequence of mountains and canyons that form almost perfect circles. Rich vegetation, relic of ancient times, with species rarely found anywhere else on the planet, down, step by step, to the coast.

Vertiginous ravines, valleys and fertile agricultural areas, where the hand of man laboriously extracted the fruit of the land, shape the landscape. Meanwhile, at the top, the highness of the mountains slows clouds, driven by the gentle trade winds to release its moisture drop by drop, forming a unique phenomenon: horizontal rain. Thus, water, present throughout the island, becomes a misty veil spread over the lush vegetation covering the soil. An authentic rainforest, whose trees, which can reach up to fifteen metres high, with whimsically twisted forms, give the landscape a magical and surprising aspect.



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