We want you to fully enjoy your stay with the utmost safety, hygiene, control and quality assurance, making the most of your holidays just as before, albeit in a different way. Different by Nature.

At Hotel Jardín Tecina we have focused on all the necessary details to make you feel safe and comfortable in our unique sustainable environment. That’s why we have created the “We take care of you, we take care of everyone” programme, so that you can get to know in-depth the protocols and measures to enjoy your stay at our hotel with complete peace of mind. In all aspects we pursue the up-to-date recommendations given by experts and have adapted our prevention and hygiene processes so that guests, employees and partners feel protected and safe in all our facilities. Your safety is our priority and we offer you

And lastly, we have created a Technical Committee of experts who will look after paramount safety at the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

You’ll be in good hands here.

Hygiene and disinfection

Our hotel follows a strict cleaning and disinfection regime for the safety of guests and workers, based on three key actions:

  • Common areas: front desk, lobby, bathrooms, restaurants, exteriors and corridors and common elements are continuously disinfected following strict protocols and with medically-advised frequency. Limited capacity
  • Rooms: Reduced room availability to offer maximum security. Complete disinfection of rooms, including objects, decoration, and all surfaces with sanitary protocol in textile washing. After each stay, the rooms will be completely disinfected and vacated for the time recommended by the health institutions.
  • Kitchen/bar/cafeteria: comprehensive and regular sterilisation, including all utensils, based on sanitary protocols. Limited capacity

Air & water: purification protocols

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning: the frequency of inspections of ventilation and air-conditioning systems and decontamination protocols has been increased.
  • Swimming pools: water purification protocols are reviewed and applied in accordance with the new regulations.
  • Water disinfection: drinking-water disinfection and wastewater treatment standards are strictly followed.

Social distancing

We want to be alongside you, but above all we want you to feel safe. We have introduced a system of signs and vinyls that will easily remind you of the social distancing rules to be respected throughout our premises. In addition, you will always have the assistance of our staff, who will supervise the proper implementation of the measures for the good of everybody.

We have also redesigned our common areas pursuant to new legislation to keep separation between people. You will be able to enjoy all the facilities with appropriate protection.

Employees and clients will be provided with protective measures for their use at all times. Because people are our top priority.

Food and beverage service adapted to the new regulations

We offer food safety by adapting to new processes so that you can enjoy our services with complete peace of mind:

  • Take-away service in single-use packaging
  • Room service in a la carte products
  • Catering for events and meetings taking care of the presentation and avoiding the risk of contagion
  • Menu service in our restaurants
  • Breakfast to go for early departures (on request)

As always, we continue to offer the highest quality and we prioritise local produce from our Eco Finca Tecina (Tecina Organic Plot - adjacent to Club Laurel), as well as demanding certification from suppliers and controlling safety in the delivery processes.

Protection and safety of our clients

We also take extreme precautions with personnel and suppliers who enter the hotel premises, following all the safety protocols and using the proper protection equipment.

Employee protection and safety

Our staff is one of the great values of the Hotel Jardín Tecina. We take the utmost care of their health and protection:

  • Daily checks before and after their workday.
  • Special training: all our employees are trained in safety protocols and practices in line with the latest health regulations.
  • Early detection programmes: we follow a strict control in case of health problems, as well as contact with medical services and transportation of those affected.
  • Supply of protective and hygienic material to be able to carry out their tasks in complete safety.
  • Control of suppliers and mandatory compliance with safety protocol for access to hotel facilities.

Digitalisation of processes

The personalised treatment with each client is extremely important for us, and we want to continue being by your side yet minimising the risks to the fullest extent possible.

For this reason we have promoted digitalisation in our processes such as FastPass (fast check-in and check-out), online customer service (increasing online information on services and room-service orders) and creating an immediate communication service via the APP with the guest in case of any doubt or need.

Health safety

Our hotel has health-safety experts who will be in charge of ensuring the introduction of the new safety measures and employee training. These experts will supervise that all employees, clients and suppliers comply with safety protocols and provide them with the necessary equipment.

All standards will be applied with the highest level of eco-responsibility, as sustainable development is one of our core objectives.