Play Permission/ Green Card/ Amateur Player License

Beginnings are always exciting

All over the world, to be able to play on a golf course, it is essential to be in possession of the federative license. This license accredits your current level of play, and each Golf course has its own limit of admitted level, which is handicap 54, according to the new world handicap system.

For people who have just started in this sport, the first federative license that is granted without handicap. With the licnce and being federated as an amateur player, in many cases, you can go out and play on the field. According to the results that are played and mainly in competitions, the handicap begins to reduce.

In the case that the person already has some experience, a first handicap of 54 is awarded.

To acquire the essential level to obtain the license, it is necessary to participate in clases and take lessons with a teaching professional, who is also the one who examines you and gives you a good view for the license.

An important part of the learning is done directly on the course, applying the rules and rhythm of the game, learning the safety rules and the etiquette of the game.

The license exam consists of the practical part in the course, where in nine holes 12 stableford points must be achieved in the best 6 holes, and in the theoretical part where it is examined based on 30 questions, with 26 of them being correct .

Take your time to learn, the best and most important thing is to have a solid foundation!


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