Summer is here, kids are on vacation and have before them, two long months to recharge your batteries, enjoy and have fun, but... can you think of a better way to spend this summer while introducing them in sports and why not golf?

When we think of what would be the ideal sport for our children, we turn to the most common such as basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, martial arts, athletics ... but rarely we remember golf. In this post we show you why you should see golf as a very good choice for your children.

We show you ten reasons why your children should play golf:

1-Promotes concentration and develops the child's mind

the child must be abstracted from everything that happens around them in order to focus on the next shot, so that this sport helps them concentrate. When you have to run hard blows must use creativity and imagination to address them.

2-Fosters decision making

Golf is strategy, it is a sport in which every shot must take decisions and these will mark the final result. The child must learn to develop strategies to help you get away from the problems you they arise in the course of the game.

Being a sport played outdoors, children have to learn to deal with situations they can not control, such as wind, rain, heat or cold. This makes children develop decision-making skills, who face frustration when you do not play well, etc.

3-Teaches sport values

The game is subject to a "etiquette" that promote respect for the other players, encourage fair play "fair play", promote good behavior on the green and care of the natural environment which it is played.

4-Promotes discipline and respect

 it teaches them to take discipline as something natural, to comply with rules, etiquette and follow an order, to be punctual, to be quiet and well located in the countryside, remain silent when competing with other children, respect each shot, etc.

5-Develop patience and increases tolerance for frustration

In golf you have to know is crucial to wait and learn not to despair after a failure or know how to manage a great shot. Therefore children must be patient and persevering to complete all the holes.

6-It encourages the effort and desire to excel

Sport teaches that to achieve their goals, should strive every day both in the technical, tactical, physical or mental plane, and that every effort has its reward.

7-Increases self-esteem as advances can be seen in a short time 

Children will enjoy more as they improve, they will have fun beating their own records and all this will positively self-esteem.

8-Improves flexibility and motor coordination

Playing golf is going to help improve strength, stability, flexibility and coordination. Also, to get a good shot, you need to learn to combine all these aspects at the same time.

9-It is a very familiar and socializing sport

It is suitable for all ages, can play together all generations of the family, parents, grandparents, grandchildren. It is also a sport and socializing all participants and advance together between shots enough time to discuss the plays, and so strengthen the ties of friendship with other children.

10-Teaches respect nature, relaxes and gives serenity

It is practiced outdoors in full sun, in green fields, fresh air and a pleasant environment that teaches them to respect nature.

This wonderful sport develops the mind and body of the child at the same time. It will teach self-control, to be honest with rivals and with himself, to take responsibility for keeping their commitments and to face adversity with confidence. You can also increase their self-esteem, concentration and self-improvement, motivation to learn, autonomy, perseverance and patience.

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