What makes ECO FINCA TECINA such a special place?

  • Everything about Eco Finca Tecina is sustainable. Plantings are designed to make the most of natural resources.
  • We do not use machinery, which allows the soil to remain undamaged.
  • We respect the natural growth of plants and use only organic fertiliser.
  • We use natural resources in a balance way and use crop rotation and association techniques, allowing each plant to fullfill a role in relation to others.

A 100% organic garden

The design of our Hotel Jardín Tecina has been conceptualized keeping the singularities of the island, and this way is born ECO FINCA TECINA.

Eco Finca Tecina is located at our Beach Laurel Club and you can visit it by pointing you to the guided tour organised by the hotel every Saturday from 10 to 13 hours.

It is an organic garden, based on the principles of permaculture, agricultural design based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem.

We are creating a habitat on 9,500 m2 of land, divided into 19 parcels, as a system that respectfully and beneficially integrates the life of humans with those of the plants and animals.



A visit to delight even the youngest children with the farm animals that live at Eco Finca Tecina: Margarita, the cow, and her calf, Ferdinanda; our chickens, ewes and lambs, together with Eco, the ram; and our friendly donkey, Hugo.

You will hear the charming story of Eco, the first lamb to be born at Eco Finca Tecina, or the story of Hugo the donkey, which was given to us by a family that were moving away and could not take him with them. Hugo lives together with the sheep, whose company keeps him very happy.

Our organic garden is also home to Margarita and Ferdinanda. The island farm they called home was closing and all their livestock was destined for the abattoir.

Each animal you find at Eco Finca Tecina has its own story to tell. Find out about them all.


You can visit Eco Finca Tecina by joining the guided tour every Wednesday and  Saturday from 10am to 12.30pm.

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know first-hand this unique place that forms a part of Beach Club Laurel. Discover all the secrets of organic farming, first hand.

We will show you how we care for each of our plants, producing fruits and vegetables such as papaya, lettuce, cabbage, aubergine, moringa, artichokes, strawberries and squashes, depending on the season.

El Laurel restaurant provides a 100% organic set menu made from the vegetables and fruits we harvest ourselves. Straight from the garden to the table.