The best way to see La Gomera is with our guided tours

Historical Excursion

We will visit the viewpoint where the indigenous uprising began in 1844. Later, we will learn how the mountainous terrain was utilized for agriculture and walk along an ancient transportation route through the Heather Forest. To indulge in a delicious lunch, we will stop at Restaurant Las Rosas. We will discover what is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Agulo, an original town built on different altitude levels, with its winding alleys holding many stories to tell. Next, we will drive through a variety of landscapes to the capital, San Sebastián. Here, we will delve into the mysteries of the Columbus era and the pirates. Afterwards, the minibus will take us back to the hotel.

Every Monday at 10:00 a.m.

€39.90 per person (prices and conditions subject to change)

Eco Finca Tecina Walk

The part of the hotel where we lavish much of our attention and one of the most important is our organic garden, a place where you can have direct contact with nature.

Eco Finca Tecina is run according to the principles of permaculture, and provides the fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed in the dishes prepared at the hotel, with the guarantee that they reach the table following their natural process, free of the use of chemical products.

Different farm animals can also be found living together there in perfect harmony, such as a cow, chickens, a ram and friendly lambs, making it an appealing place for young children.

Guided tours on Tuesdays at 10am.

Subject to availability

Banana Plantation Walk

Can you imagine what it would be like to experience a walk in a banana plantation?

Now you can experience for yourself a piece of nature with unrivalled beauty where we explain the economic, cultural and culinary importance of the banana for our islands.

We show you how it is grown and all the particular features of the plant.

You shouldn’t miss this tour, held every Wednesday at 10am.

Subject to availability 

Botanical Walk

If you are as passionate about nature as we are, do not miss the chance to discover the gardens of the hotel, our own wonderful botanical garden, through the tours we organise every week.

By walking along the different paths that encircle the bungalows you have the chance to identify and get to know more than 50 species of plants from around the World, which are at their very best thanks to the climate and soil of the island and the great care taken with them, filling the place with joy and colour.

This tour takes place on Thursday at 10am.

Subject to availability

Geological Walk

Do you want to know more about the area in which our hotel is located? On our geological walk, we will give you information about the area and visit the surrounding beaches. Have you visited Tapahuga or Playa del Medio beach yet? Join us every Friday at 10am to learn about the geology of the area.

Do you want to learn more about the fascinating nature and wildlife of the island? Discover it in a slide show that we give on Mondays at 4pm.

Subject to availability

Walk Under the Stars

Along the hotel paths by the cliff, we will learn the importance of Canary Islands in astronomy. Thanks to the low light pollution in the area, we can identify constellations and discover the secrets of the sky.

Join us on this experience every Wednesday at 9pm.

Subject to availability

Playa Santiago Walk

This place has a special charm, where you can feel the atmosphere of a typical fishing village in Alajeró, a stone’s throw from the beach.

The perfect place to enjoy the sun, to relax in the crystal-clear waters of one of the blue flag beaches of La Gomera and sample traditional fresh fish dishes after a pleasant stroll to the restaurants in the village.

On this walk we will enjoy historical anecdotes and get to know places of interest in the old fishing village.

Would you like to experience it? This tour takes place on Fridays at 3pm.


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