Environmental management measures


  • It is a 100% ecological garden with a habitat over 9,500 m2, divided into 19 plots, a system in which the lives of human beings are combined in a respectful and beneficial way with those of plants and animals. 
  • In our restaurants we offer vegan and vegetarian alternatives. The ingredients are free of chemicals, colourings and preservatives, we collect them in our Eco Finca Tecina or we buy them from local producers respecting the "kilometre 0" production.
  • Everything about Eco Finca Tecina is sustainable. Plantations are designed to make the most of natural resources. 
  • Based on the principles of permaculture, agricultural design based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem. 
  • We do not use machinery, this allows the soil to remain natural and undamaged. 
  • We respect the natural growth of plants and use only organic fertilisers. 
  • We use natural resources in a balance way and use crop rotation and association techniques, allowing each plant to fulfil a role in relation to others. 

In order to reduce water consumption, we carry out various actions:

  • Reducing and rationalising use with dual-flush toilets and tap aerators.
  • Drip irrigation system and soil moisture control.
  • Choose green programme to reduce changing of robes and towels in rooms and at pools.
  • Timed-flow taps in the toilets of common areas.
  • Active oxygen washing. We use cold water, oxygen and electricity to generate ozone gas molecules that help clean clothes with minimal use of detergent.
  • The wastewater is discharged to a treatment plant owned by Fred Olsen S.A. for treatment and reuse as irrigation water for Tecina Golf.

We try to make the best possible use of electrical energy, which is why we take measures such as:

  • Use of low-energy lightbulbs and LED outdoor lighting.
  • LED television screens
  • Power switch in rooms operated by card.
  • Movement sensors in poorly lit areas during the day.
  • Purchase of more energy-efficient appliances.
  • Use of solar energy.

For the management of the waste generated by the hotel we use systems such as:

  • Automatic dosage dispensers for cleaning products.
  • Automatic dosage dispensers for pool cleaning products.
  • Composting of plant material and crop waste wherever possible.

And for solid urban waste such as cardboard and light packaging:

  • Cardboard: after installing a box bailing press, we began to work with an authorised waste handler for the selective collection of this waste.
  • Light packaging material: collected in special containers located in staff common areas.



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