Environmental management measures


  • It is a 100% ecological garden with a habitat over 9,500 m2, divided into 19 plots, a system in which the lives of human beings are combined in a respectful and beneficial way with those of plants and animals. 
  • Everything about Eco Finca Tecina is sustainable. Plantations are designed to make the most of natural resources. 
  • Based on the principles of permaculture, agricultural design based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem. 
  • We do not use machinery, this allows the soil to remain natural and undamaged. 
  • We respect the natural growth of plants and use only organic fertilisers. 
  • We use natural resources in a balance way and use crop rotation and association techniques, allowing each plant to fulfil a role in relation to others. 


  • Reducing and rationalising use with dual-flush toilets and tap aerators.
  • Drip irrigation system and soil moisture control.
  • Choose green programme to reduce changing of robes and towels in rooms and at pools.
  • Timed-flow taps in the toilets of common areas.


  • Use of low-energy lightbulbs and LED outdoor lighting.
  • LED television screens
  • Power switch in rooms operated by card.
  • Movement sensors in poorly lit areas during the day.
  • Purchase of more energy-efficient appliances.
  • Use of solar energy.


  • Automatic dosage dispensers for cleaning products.
  • Automatic dosage dispensers for pool cleaning products.
  • Composting of plant material and crop waste wherever possible.

Solid urban waste:

  • Cardboard: after installing a box bailing press, we began to work with an authorised waste handler for the selective collection of this waste.
  • Light packaging material: collected in special containers located in staff common areas.

Sent to a wastewater treatment plant owned by Fred. Olsen S.A. for treatment and reuse as irrigation water for Tecina Golf.