The beaches of La Gomera: a world to discover

Playa de Santiago

This is the closest beach to the hotel and one of the most important on the island. It has been awarded a blue flag for years, guaranteeing its high quality. You can relax on the beach with the sun warming your skin, or stroll along its five hundred metres of pebbles, wading into the cold Atlantic surf.

Playa de Santiago also offers more adventurous visitors the possibility of diving to discover its many caves and exploring the hidden beauty of its marine life.

A stone’s throw away, the small fishing village of Alajeró welcomes visitors with its charms, offering them the chance to sample excellent traditional-style dishes made with freshly caught fish

How to get there on foot from Beach Club Laurel

Playa de Tapahuga

If you are looking for a pristine beach, Playa de Tapahunga is a jewel of nature you are sure to love.

Only a five-minute drive from the hotel, this pebble beach is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, and filled with history. Did you know that it was from this place over a hundred years ago that bananas were loaded onto boats for the island of Tenerife?

If you visit La Gomera in August, you can witness the famous procession celebrating the feast of Saint Roch, which ends at this idyllic location.

Playa del Medio

Wonder at the stunning scenery that unfolds before your eyes and relax your senses in its crystal waters.

Feel the deep silence of this little paradise on the coast of La Gomera.

Playa de Chinguarime

Together with Playa de Tapahunga and Playa del Medio, Playa de Chinguarime is one of the least developed natural beaches on the island of La Gomera.

Located at the end of a ravine, it can only be reached by sea or by foot along a dirt track. But in return, it is a private place in the perfect natural setting for a unique experience.

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