A culinary journey to tantalise the palate

Curious names such as almogrote, guarapo or gofio, are part of a gastronomy rich in flavours and textures. At Hotel Jardín Tecina we want you to discover them all, and the best way is, undoubtedly, to try them.

Local products

The cuisine of La Gomera shares a number of characteristics with that of the rest of the Canary Islands.

However, the particular culinary tradition of one of the smallest islands in the archipelago stands out for being original, simple and full of flavour.

The island’s geographical location has to a great degree influenced the ingredients used in its cuisine.

The crops grown on the land and plants that make their home here, such as the yam, a tuber with numerous benefits for our health, palm treesgrape vines, and tropical trees, together with the bounty of the seas surrounding the island form the basis of the typical dishes in La Gomera cuisine.

Typical foods of La Gomera

Our cuisine comprises many flavours and textures that make each mouthful a surprising adventure.

Some of our most typical dishes are:

Almogrote. This is one of the jewels of our cuisine. Known as Canarian pâté, it is made from cured goat cheese, garlic, red pepper, salt and, at times, tomatoes and paprika. It is similar to a pâté and is used to spread it on bread or accompany potatoes.

Yam soup. The people of La Gomera use yams with a mojo sauce base of coriander or pepper to make a delicious soup, traditionally served in a mortera, a wooden bowl with a handle that is also used to make mojo sauces.

Other very famous dishes include goat stew and and viejas sancochadas or stewed parrotfish, considered a delicacy in the Canary Islands.

And naturally, no visit to La Gomera would be complete if you didn’t try the delicious mojo picón, an essential condiment in Canarian cuisine that is used to accompany all sorts of dishes.

Delicious desserts of La Gomera

If there is something that the cuisine of La Gomera is famous for, it is undoubtedly for its cakes and baked specialities.

Agulo is a locality that is particularly famous on the island for its exquisite desserts, such as sponge cakes, almendrados (almond biscuits), bollos de manteca de leche (sweet buns) and alfajores (almond and cinnamon biscuits), among others.

We might even go so far to say that the star of La Gomera desserts and cuisine in general is without a doubt the palm syrup. It is obtained from the palm trees that abound throughout the island of La Gomera and it is used for countless local desserts, including leche asada (custard pudding) and torta de cuajada (the local version of cheesecake).

Sampling these delicacies is the best way of getting a taste of the rich cuisine of La Gomera.


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