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Experience La Gomera’s eternal spring

3 reasons to travel to La Gomera in autumn

Any time is a good time to travel, discover and fall in love with new places . In autumn, La Gomera becomes the ideal destination to enjoy a getaway. Our island has many charms that make it especially attractive and today we will highlight three of them.

The best beaches of La Gomera 2021

From the green of its laurel and palm groves, to the black of its volcanic sand beaches, bathed by the turquoise of its waters. Feel the magic of the landscapes of La Gomera surround you.

The benefits of papaya

The papaya is a large tropical fruit that is grown in several regions of the world, including the Canary Islands. This fruit is becoming increasingly popular due to its nutritional qualities, delicious taste and many health benefits.

Learn about the red banana

The red banana is a variety of the conventional banana that is grown in the Canary Islands. Originating from America, this fruit, which has been cultivated for several decades in the Canary Islands, has many differences with respect to the Canary Island banana.

Pamper yourself at our Spa Ahemon

Taking time to take care of yourself, to relax and improve your well-being is essential for good physical and mental health. There are many ways to achieve this: take a walk on Tapahuga Beach, exercise, practice yoga or our favourite, enjoy our Spa Ahemon. 

3 tips for playing golf

Golf is a sport that is gaining more and more followers every day and it is not surprising, as it allows you to concentrate, switch off and keep fit while enjoying nature. Here you will find some golf tips to help you improve your game.

Enjoying the fauna of La Gomera

One of the great attractions of La Gomera for this type of tourism is animal watching, and in addition to sheep, goats or donkeys, like those living in our Eco Finca and in many other parts of the island, you can also see indigenous animals and even species that were thought to be extinct.

The Chipude fortress

La Gomera has many points of interest to visit during your trip: scenery viewpoints, natural parks, forests, townsand villages, monuments, magical places burstingwith history, etc. Today let us take you to Vallehermoso and show you a natural monument that you will want to visit: the Chipude fortress.

Gastronomic experience in La Gomera

Surely you will agree with us that one of the best things about travelling is trying the local cuisine of the place you visit. If, like us, you believe that eating is one of life's greatest pleasures, come and join us to discover the best La Gomera dishes.

What to see in La Gomera?

La Gomera has so many breathtaking places that we often find it difficult to decide when planning our trip. We are often asked how many days you need to visit La Gomera and the truth is that it doesn’t really matter, because La Gomera is a place that never stops surprising you. Even those of us who live on the island enjoy it every day. The more days you can come, the better. We have many landscapes that are worthy of a picture, so if you accept suggestions, here are some places that you cannot miss: 

La Gomera: the most romantic destination

La Gomera is a place that breathes romanticism on all sides: walks along its beaches, music in the car driving along magical roads, forests that will remain in your memories forever, enchanting sunsets and moonlit dinners.

Top 6 viewpoints in La Gomera

One of the best ways to get to know the island is definitely by visiting its viewpoints. Let us tell you why: once you have chosen the viewpoints you want to visit; you will discover all the nature and landscapes of La Gomera. If you still do not have a ranking of your favourite viewpoints in La Gomera, you can follow ours.

8 reasons to visit La Gomera

La Gomera Island is a subtropical paradise, and so has it been acknowledged in several international media, which consider it the “best destination for winter holidays”. Who does not like tranquillity, be surrounded by nature and enjoy good weather all year round?

Places to discover and feel La Gomera by foot

Your trip to La Gomera can become the best experience if you are the kind of person that enjoys all the wonders that our island has to offer, highlighting among them, the natural environment surrounding us.

The 5 benefits of golf on your health

Holidays are a time for relaxation, tranquillity and taking care of our most precious asset, our health, so practising sports during our days off will be one of the best combinations to achieve this.

Why travel to La Gomera?

The time has come to start thinking about the destination for this year's holidays and, now more than ever, there will be many reasons that will make La Gomera the ideal place to plan your trip.

10 reasons to practice yoga

We want to take care of you and make sure you look after yourself at the Jardín Tecina Hotel. Do you know the benefits of yoga?

5 tips for caring for the environment

Taking care of the environment is everyone's business and all sectors must become aware of this. At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we work to achieve this every day .

3 benefits of going to a spa

Dedicating time to oneself is paramount to good physical, mental and spiritual health and hence, today we highlight 3 benefits of going to a spa.

Los Órganos, a natural monument in La Gomera

At the Jardín Tecina Hotel, we are different by nature. An example of this is the place where we are located, since La Gomera is an island with infinitely many wonders such as the Natural Monument of Los Órganos.

What is yam?

The almogrote, the guarapo,  La Gomera wines, the canary islands banana... today we are going to extend this list with one more product that we highly recommend you try while in La Gomera, the yam.

Sustainable tourism at the Hotel Jardín Tecina

Looking after the environment is increasingly becoming a matter of concern to us all, including the tourism sector. At the Hotel Jardín Tecina, we work on this on a day to day basis, and we carry out a series of measures to achieve this

9 reasons to hold your wedding at Hotel Jardín Tecina

Say “I DO” at Hotel Jardín Tecina! Because you want somewhere unique, because you want the best service, because you want the finest food and, in short, because you want everything to be perfect on one of the most important days of your life.

Easter Week on La Gomera, why choose our island?

The Easter holidays are approaching and choosing your destination may be easier than you think. Nature, beaches, food and the chance to spend time together as a family, as a couple or with friends… Could you ask for anything more? La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina are the destination you were seeking, and today we are going to give you some good reasons to visit us this year.

Las Creces

Garajonay is certainly one of those impressive places on the island of La Gomera, offering a huge variety of trails to satisfy everyone, from families to professional hikers.

Aloe Vera From Hermigua Valley

It is believed that the aloe vera plant is native to the Arabian Peninsula. The climate, weather and soil, in some areas of La Gomera provide the proper growing conditions for aloe vera.