Holidays are a time for relaxation, tranquillity and taking care of our most precious asset, our health, so practising sports during our days off will be one of the best combinations to achieve this. When the time comes for you to return to our island, you will be able to enjoy different sports facilities at the Hotel Jardín Tecina  where you can put your body and mind to work. Our greatest example of this is Tecina Golf, our 18-hole course overlooking the sea. So today we will recall the 5 main health benefits of playing golf:

  1. Contact with nature. It is well known that physical activity in the open air is essential to keep in good health condition, and golf has everything to achieve this: fresh air, peaceful surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere. Tecina Golf is a clear example of this with a course where every hole looks out over the ocean surrounded by a lush display of Canary Island flora. With each swing you will enjoy spectacular views of the sea with the Teide as a backdrop.
  2. Low-impact physical activity. Golf is one of the sports that allows you to stay active with a low impact on your physical health. It is the ideal exercise for both men and women of all ages. As it is low intensity, it helps to keep in shape by preventing injuries. It is recognised that playing golf lowers body weight and reduces obesity, keeps blood pressure and heart rate in order, increases physical endurance and strengthens the nervous system.
  3. Physical and mental health. The practice of this sport combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises contributing to burn calories and strengthen muscles. It works the upper and lower limbs and improves muscle power and neuromuscular coordination. On the other hand, it reduces stress and anxiety levels and even helps fight depression.
  4. Social relations. Another health benefit of playing golf is that it strengthens personal relationships. It is a good place to meet people with relaxing moments to engage in interesting conversations that will enrich you as a person and make you feel good.
  5. Golf requires an important level of concentration and balance so practising it will help stimulate neurological functioning, keeping your brain young. It will help you develop a level of organisation that you can take to other areas of your life.

At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we are looking forward to seeing you return to enjoy the wonders of nature that surround our course combining play with a few days of relaxation.

Both experts and beginners in this sport have a place at Tecina Golf, where our academy also provides services including courses and classes for all levels in a privileged environment.

The Hotel Jardín Tecina and Tecina Golf looks forward to welcoming you back to contribute to your body and mind’s well-being.