La Gomera is an island of sensations that can be enjoyed with all five senses. In addition to the wonders of nature that characterise it, our island has other types of charms such as its cuisine.

The products of our land such as yam, almogrote, guarapo or gofio, among others, make our dishes rich in flavours and textures making them a real pleasure for all palates. In addition to this, there are other products that nature provides us due to our wonderful geographical location, such as products that come from the sea that surrounds our island.

On your return to La Gomera you should not miss the best of all experiences tasting our island in one of these unique enclaves:

  • Abrante Viewpoint. Visiting our Abrante Viewpoint is much more than just a gastronomic experience. It is an architectural masterpiece, designed by José Luis Bermejo, consisting of a transparent 625-metre high cantilever suspended over the Atlantic. A place to enjoy the pleasures of La Gomera gastronomy with unbeatable views of the town of Agulo and the island of Tenerife right in front. In addition to the gastronomic offer, this experience at the viewpoint will allow you to discover a language that was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and has been a form of communication of the islanders for years, the Gomeran whistle (silbo gomero).
  • Las Rosas Restaurant. This restaurant, which is barely 1 kilometre away from the village of Agulo and with spectacular views of Tenerife and Teide, reproduces a typical Gomeran atmosphere. The traditional cuisine of the Columbian island finds its maximum expression in this place, with a wide variety of à la carte dishes.
  • La Laguna Grande Restaurant. One of the things you should not miss when you can visit our island again is to spend a day in nature and hiking routes. This is an activity that you can do along with the best gastronomic option, the La Laguna Grande Restaurant. This is a reference point for traditional Gomeran cuisine in the heart of the Garajonay National Park, which is also a meeting point for all those who like to enjoy the infinitely many routes that this enchanted forest has to offer. Its speciality is grilled meat and other typical dishes of Canarian gastronomy such as almogrote, watercress stew or gofio.

But when you return to La Gomera you will also find different alternatives where you can enjoy the best gastronomy without leaving the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

  • Main Restaurant. With exceptional views of the ocean and the town of Playa de Santiago, our Main Restaurant will greet you in the morning with a tasty breakfast. A place where you can also taste a wide variety of dishes at lunch or dinner time at our assisted buffets or served menus.
  • Gara Restaurant. This restaurant is named after the Gomeran jewel of nature par excellence, the Garajonay National Park. Menus with spectacular views of the gardens and the ocean surrounding the hotel.
  • Trattoria. Located at our Club Laurel it features exquisite Italian cuisine baked in a wood oven by the sea. Surrounded by a peaceful environment it will be the ideal place to share a meal with friends or as a couple.
  • Cave for 2. You must have been waiting for this moment for a long time and if you want to enjoy a romantic evening in an idyllic setting that is unforgettable for you and your partner, the ideal place is our Cave for 2. Also in our Club Laurel, you will find a cave in complete privacy where you can taste the delights of Gomeran gastronomy from a window to the ocean.

The most natural flavours of La Gomera will be waiting for you at the Hotel Jardín Tecina when the time is right.

We look forward to welcoming you back.