Laguna Grande Restaurant

Open every day

In the heart of the Garajonay National Park

The restaurant is a reference of the traditional local cuisine, a must for those who decide to enjoy the many of the circular trails that start and end at the Laguna Grande area.


Laguna Grande

The ideal place to stop along the way and savour its gastronomy variety, prepared with care using high quality products.

The taste of the best Canarian wines pair perfectly with the flavours of grilled meats. It also offers other typical dishes such as watercress soup with gofio; puchero, a hearty stew made from pumpkin, cabbage, sweet potatoes, pork and beef; and almogrote, also known as Canarian pâté.

Its enclave inside the Park surrounded by this magical forest, makes it a meeting point for those who come to visit Garajonay or to visit any of its many routes and trails.


Opening hours

Bar: Open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Restaurant: Open every day from 12am to 5pm.


922 69 50 83 |

Address: Zona Recreativa Laguna Grande | Vallehermoso - La Gomera How to get there by car

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