Spa Ahemon

Spa Ahemon - for adults only

The Spa Ahemon is a centre of relaxation and wellness in a quiet environment overlooking the ocean, a place full of serenity where you can feel the balance between body and mind.

Ahemon in the Guanche language means WATER. This term best describes this spa, which is the ideal place to disconnect and enter into a state of absolute relaxation.
Enjoy the feeling of well-being in its open-air area,  feel how the jets of water from the heated pools activate the circulation of your entire body while savouring delicious cocktails and refreshing drinks at our Ahemon Café.

Beauty, health or wellness, any excuse will do to enjoy the benefits of our spa.



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Information at the Spa Ahemon reception (+34 922 145 977) or at the Public Relations (+34 922 145 886)

Booking required. Minimum age 16 years. 


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