Find your connection with nature.

The gardens of Hotel Jardín Tecina are the perfect place to do so. Because of its privileged location, our hotel and its surroundings are the home chosen by a great variety of birds.

The imposing cliff, the lush vegetation, the sea below us and the island’s special climate, make the perfect setting for this activity that can be enjoyed in our gardens, birdwatching.

Do not forget to bring your binoculars!

La Gomera, home to different birds

Spain is one of the best countries for birdwatching tourism and La Gomera is one of the most exceptional birdwatching sites.

While certain migratory species use the island as a stopping point, there are a large number of species that make their permanent home here, such as the laurel pigeon, which has come to be considered the natural emblem of the island. It is currently an endangered species.


There are many more species to be discovered, such as the hoopoe, Spanish sparrow, blackbird and turtle dove, which always fly close to the hotel. Even the canary, one of the island’s most famous birds, can appear at any time.

If you look out over the cliffs, you may see shearwaters and seagulls, and if you are lucky, you might even see the more elusive osprey, also known as the sea hawk.

The birds themselves put on a surprising spectacle for you to view and photograph. However, there is always an important rule to bear in mind: the main thing is to enjoy the privilege of watching the birds, and not so much taking the perfect shot.

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