There are many reasons that make La Gomera island a year-round destination.  It is ideal for those who seek tranquillity during their holidays, away from mass tourism and for those who wish to connect with the nature, sustainability and natural beauty of a place that makes the welcoming of every traveller a special event.

One of the main reasons to enjoy our island all year round is its climate. Mild temperatures throughout the year make it possible to live in an eternal spring, allowing its visitors to enjoy all its charms in the best of its expressions. There are infinitely many activities and things to see and do on our island whether we are in January or in August:

  • Hiking. La Gomera is a Biosphere Reserve at the heart of which you will find the Garajonay National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the greatest exponent of laurel forests. Getting to know our island by foot can be the best experience, hiking being one of the main activities of tourists visiting us. The island has over 600 kilometres of paths that are in perfect condition.
  • Water activities. On La Gomera you can enjoy over 4,500 hours of sunshine a year. It has countless coves and spectacular black sand beaches to enjoy at any time. Quiet walks and baths in the Atlantic, and kayak or diving activities will allow you to discover the wonders that are hidden under the sea. Not only that, in the southwestern part of La Gomera the ocean has optimal conditions as a natural habitat for cetaceans which allows whale and dolphin watching.
  • Traditions and culture. Our island has many hidden treasures that you may discover at any time of the year. Many things make the island special, such as its craftsmanship or typical gastronomy, and also other immaterial values such as the silbo gomero (the whistle), an aboriginal language of the island declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and which can still be heard at present.

To all these attractions that will make your trip to La Gomera a unique holiday, the Jardín Tecina Hotel has added a special plus that is of relevance at the present time, which is safety. As always, you are the most important thing for us and we want you to feel as safe as at home on your holidays. To this end, we have implemented a protocol of measures with which we want to ensure that you fully enjoy your stay with utmost safety, hygiene, control and quality, as you did before, although in a different way.

  • Hygiene and disinfection of all our spaces
  • Social distancing rules
  • Catering services adapted to the new regulations
  • Prevention and protection measures for customers and employees
  • Process digitalisation

Choose La Gomera for your holidays. We look forward to seeing you enjoy unforgettable moments.

You will be in good hands with us.