To travel to La Gomera is to travel to a paradise in which nature gives you real wonders that make our island a unique place.

One of the charms you will fall in love with during your visit will be Garajonay National Park. Here, you will be immersed in an enchanted forest whose protagonist is the laurel forest “laurisilva”, which is the name given to these humid forests, vestiges of subtropical forests. Fog, humidity and lauraceae plants such as laurel, viñatigo (Persea indica), lime or heather are the key characteristics that define this type of forest.

In La Gomera, Laurel forests are the best preserved example of this type of vegetation. This is the place where more than half of the extension of this type of forest can be found in the archipelago. The humidity required to preserve the Laurel forest is favoured by the climatic characteristics of the area, with a continuous fog, favoured by the trade winds and the so-called 'horizontal rain', in other words, the continued presence of low clouds in contact with the forest, which cause them to soak and drip continuously. Entering the Laurel forest awakens one’s imagination, as anyone who wishes can be immersed in a fairy-tale landscape.

In addition to the Laurel forest, another great wonder that nature gives us in La Gomera are the rocks. Another proof of the island's volcanic activity that goes back 2 million years. These rocks have become exposed due to erosion, such as the majestic Roque de Agando.

This natural wealth of the Garajonay National Park has led in 1986 to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the essential places to visit during your stay in La Gomera.

At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we will suggest to you the most characteristic attractions that our island has to offer. The Garajonay, the beaches, the viewpoints and our facilities surrounded by nature and tranquillity. You can relax in our Ahemon Spa, practice several sports, such as golf at our Golf course, with spectacular views of the sea from its 18 holes or exercise in our fully equipped gym and plenty of activities to exercise body and mind.

Are you going to stay there and miss this? Visit La Gomera and experience the magic of nature.