Our island is characterised by mild temperatures throughout the year, which makes us always live in an eternal spring. But what are the specific characteristics of the climate in La Gomera that will allow you to enjoy an incredible holiday regardless of the season of the year you choose?

The island’s climate responds to the moderate subtropical climate variations in relation with the trade winds that are present on the island. La Gomera’s terrain is such that different subclimates can be experienced within the island, depending on which side you are in, north or south.

The northern area is exposed to trade winds and mixes sun and clouds. It is also more humid, so temperatures are milder and lower than in the southern area. In this area we find the Garajonay National Park, where the height of its mountains makes the rain steam condense, conserving a magnificent green forest for thousands of years. It was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986. This is the primary example of the Canary Island Laurel forest. This visit is a must during your holidays in La Gomera and you can enjoy it by foot through the infinitely many trails that compose it. An activity that the La Gomera climate will help you make the most of.

On the other hand, in the southern part of the island, the southerly winds make temperatures rise and it has more sunnier places all year round. That is why in this area you can find very tourist places that have the beach as main player, such as Valle Gran Rey (Gran Rey valley) or Playa de Santiago (Santiago beach), where you can enjoy relaxing strolls along the sands, and practice countless water activities for all tastes and levels. To get there, there is a round trip Benchi Express service from the port of San Sebastián in La Gomera to Santiago beach, and from Santiago Beach to Gran Rey valley.

Despite the slight differences between north and south, which make our island even more attractive to all visitors, it can be said that in general, La Gomera enjoys a mild climate with an average annual temperature of approximately 22 degrees, making it the ideal destination for any time of the year.

Come to experience and enjoy an eternal spring in La Gomera!