With so many impressive places, planning trips in La Gomera is no easy task. La Gomera never ceases to surprise you, even those of us who live on the island and enjoy it year-round.

It’s an island that steals the heart of every visitor. Astonishing landscapes, nature in its purest state, experiences you can soak up through all your senses, and an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that invites relaxation. There are many attractions that make our island the ideal holiday destination.

Here are some places to visit in La Gomera.

Garajonay National Park

If you’re thinking of an easy-going trip and you’re only going to visit a couple of places, Garajonay has to be one of them. It occupies 10% of the island and when you walk along its paths you are teleported to a fairy-tale forest; it seems that magical beings are going to emerge from its laurel forests at any moment. How is this vast expanse of nature possible? Thanks to the ‘horizontal rain’. Being at the apex of the island means there are clouds that create the sensation of being in the midst of fog, and this in turn provides the necessary humidity to create such stunning places. We recommend you visit in the morning and walk along some of the routes. It is a perfect park to visit with children as many of the excursions are straightforward and family-friendly.

Visit the beaches of La Gomera

The beaches of La Gomera are synonymous with tranquillity. Sunbathing with the Atlantic as a backdrop and long relaxing walks will make the day on La Gomera’s sandy beaches unforgettable. From Santiago beach to virgin beaches such as Tapahuga, the charming landscape and the crystal clear waters of “El Medio” beach or the unique setting of Chinguarime beach.

Santiago Beach

It’s the closest beach to Hotel Jardín Tecina. It has been Blue Flag certified for many years now as a quality beach, where you can enjoy the sun all year round.

La Caleta Beach

La Caleta Beach, located in the Hermigua Valley is another of the island’s finest beaches. Its 200 metres of black sand are presided over by a prominent relief (roque) and views of the coastline and the Teide. It is a quiet beach for families to enjoy, as well as a point of arrival or departure of the the nearby trails. 

Tapahuga Beach

Tapahuga Beach is one of the island’s unspoilt beaches which can be reached from the hotel via a walkway accessible to all our guests.


Valley of the Great King (Valle Gran Rey)

A residential and leisure area facing the Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful beaches and natural pools known as ‘Charcos’. We recommend Charco del Conde and Charco de la Condesa if you like surfing or are a lover of sunsets.

Natural pools of La Gomera

The natural pools of La Gomera will not leave anyone unmoved. To those already mentioned in Valle Gran Rey, Charco del Conde and Charco de la Condesa, we must also add the Pescante de Hermigua. It is a natural saltwater pool comprising four columns about 30 metres from the old davit built in the early twentieth century to export bananas and tomatoes.

San Sebastián de La Gomera

History is also to be found on our island, and the town of San Sebastián de La Gomera is a good example of this as it is closely linked to the figure of Christopher Columbus. Here, there are many references to this historical character, as it was the last port he stopped at before before setting sail for America.

Enjoy the viewpoints of La Gomera

An extensive network of viewpoints where you can discover the beauty of this island, characterised by its topographic relief sculpted by the sea and wind. Amazing views that will provide visitors with some of their most spectacular experiences. The viewpoints of Agulo, Hermigua, San Sebastián or Vallehermoso will unveil wonderful panoramic views that make this enclave a natural paradise.

Abrante Viewpoint

From this viewpoint you can enjoy incredible views. It’s a glass walkway that allows you to be suspended 625 metres above the village of Agulo with views over the Atlantic Ocean and El Teide.

Los Roques Viewpoint

Los Roques Natural Monument is located in the central part of La Gomera, in the municipality of San Sebastián de La Gomera, within the Garajonay National Park. It comprises three large prominent reliefs (roques): Roque Agando, Roque Ojila and Roque La Zarzita.

Hiking trails

Hiking lovers are in luck in La Gomera. The best way to discover our island’s incredible landscape is to hike the more than 600 kilometres of trails that cross it.

Raso de la Bruma Route

Raso de la Bruma is the perfect trail to capture the magic of the rainforest of La Gomera due to the diversity of plant formations, the abundance of large mature trees and, in general, for its dense forest mass.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover our magical island. At Hotel Jardín Tecina we look forward to welcoming you.