At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we look after every detail to keep our commitment to nature, authenticity and what is good for you. To achieve this we have a unique, 100% organic and sustainable corner where the lives of humans, plants and animals are combined in a totally respectful way, creating a habitat dedicated to protecting the environment: our Eco Finca Tecina.

We all know how important organic products are for people's well-being and at the Hotel Jardín Tecina you can enjoy them directly from our orchard to your table.

What are the main advantages of consuming this type of products?

  1. More nutrients. As organic products are grown on more fertile soils, respecting the natural growth rates of plants and animals, they contain more nutrients. They have up to 50% more minerals, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements than already treated food.
  2. No additives, pesticides or chemicals. Another advantage of organic products is that no pesticides, chemicals or additives that are harmful to our health and to that of the planet are used in their cultivation. Pesticides do not only contaminate raw materials, but also soils, rivers or oceans with the negative consequences that this entails. Therefore, at our Eco Finca Tecina we use organic matter and natural resources in a balanced way, using crop rotation and association techniques, where all the plants have a function with respect to others.
  3. Responsible consumption. Ecological products bring environmental, economic and also social benefits. In addition to protecting the environment and its biodiversity, it is a way of contributing to local production by enhancing the environment around us and keeping it alive.
  4. Respect for animals. As mentioned, man, plants and animals live together in a respectful way at our 100% organic farm, and we make sure that animals grow in optimum living conditions. Hugo, Margarita or Ferdinanda are some of our little animals that you can visit at our Eco Finca Tecina and you will be surprised when you find out more about their background.

At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we want you to enjoy your holidays and we will make sure of that complying with the most demanding environmental and quality standards.

We are committed to the planet and also to you.