Commitment to the environment is one of our main objectives at the Hotel Jardín Tecina. Our goal is to be a leader in hospitality, offering our clients an unforgettable holiday experience while complying with the most demanding environmental and quality principles.

Our hotel carries out many actions in this regard, respecting everything that surrounds us and thus being committed to looking after the planet and everyone. A commitment, in which travellers also play a relevant role, since their collaboration will be essential to make our destination continue being unique.

What are the keys to becoming a sustainable traveller?

  • Plan the trip. If you want to travel while being environmentally friendly, the first thing to do is to organise the trip in a safe way, choosing accommodation and other services that offer guarantees of quality and respect for nature. In our daily work at the Hotel Jardín Tecina, we follow a series of environmental management measures that are based on sustainability, energy saving and waste management.
  • Responsible use of natural resources. Using water or energy in moderation will be essential to becoming a sustainable traveller. To reduce unnecessary water consumption, at our facilities we use double-flushing cisterns, aerators on the taps, drip irrigation and humidity control systems and timers on taps in common areas. In addition, to contribute to energy savings, we use low energy-efficient light bulbs, LED outdoor lighting and LED television screens, presence sensors in poorly lit areas, we replaced electrical appliances with more energy efficient ones and we use solar energy.
  • Minimise waste generation. If you want to contribute to preserving the environment in your travels, you must minimise waste generation, especially plastic. At the Hotel Jardín Tecina, we encourage, to the extent possible, the use of biodegradable materials in glasses, straws or rubbish bags. During your holidays you can also recycle and if you are going to dispose of any waste you should do so in the right place. In this respect, we select and separate our waste at our facilities to contribute to recycling or recovery. In addition, we have automatic dosing systems for cleaning products and for swimming pools products, and as far as wastewater treatment is concerned, we have our own water treatment plant to reuse water as irrigation water at Tecina Golf. The plant material from the gardens or the golf course is processed as fertiliser for Eco Finca Tecina, our 100% ecological and sustainable farm.
  • Don't leave a footprint. Our island was distinguished in 2012 as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO and was rated as excellent. The Garajonay National Park, declared World Heritage Site in 1986 is its maximum natural exponent. Therefore, you should try to cause as little impact as possible on this space, where the only footprint you should leave behind will be that of your shoes.
  • Go local. To become a sustainable traveller, you must also choose local products. Look for products that are an expression of the native culture, in this way you will contribute to cultural diversity and you will favour the economy of the people who welcome you. You can learn a lot about the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of the place. At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we opt for local products, and we also encourage our visitors to get to know the surroundings. 

On your trip to La Gomera opt for sustainable tourism, show your commitment to the environment and you will be able to continue to enjoy a unique enclave like this for a long time. We do this every day and will continue to do so, reaffirming our commitment to the planet and to you.