• Type of trail: Circular
  • Distance: Moderate 
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: Low

La Gomera is one of those magical places where time stand still and everything around you seems to stop. Here you can peacefully disconnect, be off the clock, and immerse yourself in a place that, despite the passage of time, remains as it was hundreds of years ago.

Here you will find places that will leave a good taste in your mouth and that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

Garajonay is certainly one of those impressive places on the island of La Gomera, offering a huge variety of trails to satisfy everyone, from families to professional hikers. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and immerse yourself in a natural environment spending a great time with wildlife and autochthonous vegetation growing along the path.

Las Creces is a high-recommended circular trail, suitable for walkers of all ages. It is an easy trail, almost without elevation gain, that you will be able to finish it in a couple of hours.

This makes it an ideal trail for families where the little ones can also enjoy the walk, while the natural environment and the wonderful landscape arouse their curiosity.

Las Creces

The route starts in the recreational area of Las Creses, which gives its name to the trail. These recreational areas are ideal places for any leisure or amusement activity, or perhaps just to appreciate the nature that surrounds us. These are usually located in the middle of the Garajonay National Park and are well equipped with benches where you can sit, relax, have a snack, or just read a book while the little ones play around. The recreational area of Las Creces, like many other areas in the Garajonay National Park, has descriptive panels with QR codes so you can download relevant information about the landscape and the area directly on your mobile phone.

During the whole journey along this path you will see a wide variety of plants such as heather, fayas, ortigon often known as common nettle, acebiño (Canary Holly), Canary Island Geranium and gorgeous lush ferns. Moreover, during the second half of the route you will be surprised by the sweet smell of aromatic plants such as mint, thyme or mountain pennyroyal.

The views and vegetation of the legendary laurel forest are particularly enjoyable during spring season; with Canary Island Geranium decorating the gentle landscape.

Las Creces

This path is teeming with wildlife. Catch sight of the Common Chaffinch birds by the path while you walk, which have become more tolerant of humans' presence over time, And if you like photography, you will have a great chance to practice.

After enjoying this peaceful and beautiful walk, you will reach a crossroads at the end of a ravine. To complete the circular trail, take the path that bears to the left from the crossroad, this will take you to another crossroad where you will take again the one on the left, keep walking until you reach the starting point: The Recreation Area of Las Creces.

It is the perfect moment; to rest, take a snack, recharge the batteries, and breathe deeply to fill yourself with new positive energy of nature before returning home.