Golf is one of the sports that is most beneficial to one's health. It is an outdoor activity that puts you in direct contact with nature, surrounded by fresh air, a peaceful environment and a relaxed atmosphere; it is a low-impact physical exercise; it improves both physical and mental health; it strengthens personal relationships and stimulates neurological behaviour. Therefore, if you have decided to start with this sport and make it one of the most rewarding experiences, here are some key elements to bear in mind:

  • Patience. Golf is a sport for patient people, the ball does not move, it is standing still and it is up to you to get close to it, but every shot will require maximum concentration. There are many external factors that make every golf day different. The wind, the cold and the heat, among many other conditions alien to the players make it a complex and at the same time exciting sport.
  • Company. As with other sports, you may not find it easy at the beginning, so finding a partner to start playing golf in good company will help you get the hang of it. Here lies one of the benefits of this sport, strengthening of personal relationships.
  • A good golf course. Choosing the right place will be paramount to make your experience in the world of golf as satisfactory as possible. Tecina Golf has everything you could possibly wish for. Our course is qualified as one of the best in the Canary Islands with a unique design and 18 holes facing the sea with its fairways and greens surrounded by a lush sample of Canary Island flora, which in addition to enjoying the sport, will allow you to also enjoy our island and the charms that have made it a Biosphere Reserve since 2012.
  • Lessons. In order to make the most of this sport, we would heartily recommend that you take lessons from the time you start practising it, and in this sense, we have a lot to tell you. Our Tecina Golf Academy will allow you to learn or improve your game in a privileged surrounding under the guidance of professionals with Christos Sakorafas at the helm. Lessons for beginners and for those who are already initiated, adapted to each level, and different lessons options with our Pro.

Tecina Golf will be waiting for you to give the best shot. In addition, you can complete the experience by combining it with a stay at Hotel Jardín Tecina.

Relaxation, nature, disconnection, rest and golf in a unique setting, can anyone ask for more?