More and more travellers, when choosing a destination, are concerned about sustainability, about looking after their surroundings and enjoying nature, being environmentally friendly and trying to reduce their impact as much as possible during their trip.

One of the great attractions of La Gomera for this type of tourism is animal watching, and in addition to sheep, goats or donkeys, like those living in our Eco Finca and in many other parts of the island, you can also see indigenous animals and even species that were thought to be extinct. Here are some:

  • Whales and dolphins: at sea everything is possible, so much so that even blue whales and whale sharks have been seen around La Gomera. A great number of species of cetaceans chose our island as their habitat due to the amount of food and the water temperature. Although there are many companies that organise excursions to see whales and dolphins, the truth is that if you come from Tenerife by ferry, you will almost certainly be able to see them. Also, the marine area between Tenerife and La Gomera has recently been declared the first Whale Heritage site in Europe and the third in the world. 
  • It is also worth mentioning the giant lizard of La Gomera, an endemic reptile. It is an endangered species that can only be found in La Gomera and has lower chance of surviving than other species. In fact, we only knew about this animal through some fossils that suggested that the giant lizard of La Gomera must have inhabited the less cold and shady areas of the island. It was thought to be extinct until a team of zoologists rediscovered it in 1999. Since that year, efforts have been made to try to recover the species through captive breeding and its future is now more promising.
  • Shearwaters are one of the largest sea birds in Spain and, specifically the Canary Islands, a seriously endangered species for two reasons: light pollution and the micro plastics they ingest when mistaken for food. These birds spend most of their lives in the open sea, approaching land only to breed. One of its most characteristic features is the sound they make. You will surely recognise it as soon as you hear it.

Seeing animals in freedom enjoying their habitat is one of the best experiences you can enjoy on the island. And we hope to continue to do so if we continue to care for these species and what surrounds us.

Which one would you like to see on your next trip to La Gomera?