Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’ve probably already been thinking about the gift to surprise your partner with on Valentine’s Day. A romantic getaway for two will be the best choice.

Romantic getaway to the Canary Islands

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience, the Canary Islands is the ideal destination for this. Here are some romantic plans to enjoy in La Gomera, depending on your partner’s tastes.

Nature getaway

For nature lovers, our island is dominated by the Garajonay National Park, a unique enclave declared a World Heritage Site in 1986 by UNESCO. An enchanted forest characterized by the laurel forest that you and your partner can discover through countless hiking trails. In addition, there are incredible beaches where you can enjoy the ocean, charming viewpoints and once-in-a-lifetime spots that will turn your romantic getaway in La Gomera into the perfect trip. In the impressive Garajonay National Park, you’ll find the Chorros de Epina, one of the island’s most romantic places: it is said to have magical properties for fulfilling love-related wishes. For lovers of all things organic, our Hotel Jardín Tecina boasts an organic farm, based on the principles of permaculture, the Eco Finca Tecina. A space where humans, animals and plants live in harmony and where we grow 100% organic products that you can subsequently sample in our restaurants.

Romantic getaway with evening meal and spa

For gastronomy lovers, at Hotel Jardín Tecina you will be able to savour our island and discover the typical La Gomera products through the dishes prepared by our chefs. Almogrote, ñame, mojo picón (typical local foods), as well as different examples of international gastronomy will turn your evening into something special, all washed down with our wines from La Gomera.

Looking to combine it with a few days’ relaxation as a couple to balance body and mind? Our Ahemon Spa will give you the possibility to spend time on relaxing and wellness using the different treatments available in the wellness area and the different water jets in our pools. You can also enjoy our eternal springtime in the outdoor area.

Romantic restaurants

If what you really want is an idyllic experience as a couple, we have the perfect plan in La Gomera, our Cave for Two. Located in our Club Laurel, it’s a cave located in a unique enclave that becomes a window to the ocean from which to glimpse the wonders of the landscape of La Gomera. Here you will have all the comforts to enjoy a romantic evening with a range of menu options.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is in La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina.

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