Spas have become the place of reference when talking about health and wellness services. A place where you can enjoy relaxing therapies and treatments that do not simply involve getting a massage but enjoying a full healthy experience through the features of water. There are many reasons why one should want to go to a spa, resting or relaxing, improving your spirit and energy, or undergoing beauty treatments to improve your physical image.

Dedicating time to oneself is paramount to good physical, mental and spiritual health and hence, today we highlight 3 benefits of going to a spa.

  • Psychological benefits. Stress is one of the great evils we suffer today and trying to combat it is everyone's goal. One way to do this may be by going to a spa, since the treatments and services offered attempt to isolating the user from the outside world, to forget about the routine and focus on your body. If your body relaxes, so will your mind and emotional tensions will disappear. In short, these are some of the psychological benefits of going to a spa:
    • Better mood.
    • Reducing anxiety, stress and nerves.
    • Improved self-esteem.
    • Emotional balance.
  • Physical benefits. The services offered by a spa will provide good muscle relaxation and, in this aspect, you will improve considerably through the features of water. Going into more detail, on a physical level, your visit to the spa may involve:
    • Reducing muscle and joint pain
    • Preventing insomnia
    • Avoiding hypertension
    • Stimulating the immune system
    • Moisturising your skin
    • Activating blood circulation

At the Ahemon Spa you can enjoy a wellness area with steam baths, biothermal shower and a wide selection of massages to get your body back to a full state of wellbeing.

  • Beauty. As a result of the two groups of benefits above, going to a spa and receiving treatments will also lead to aesthetic improvements:
    • You will remove the dead cells from your skin
    • You will combat skin ageing
    • Your skin will be hydrated and nourished
    • You will fight cellulite 

Whether alone, as a couple, with family or friends, at the Jardín Tecina Hotel, you can experience a truly relaxing experience by enjoying all the services offered at our Ahemon Spa, with an outdoor area where you can also enjoy relaxing sunbathing. 

Come to experience eternal spring in La Gomera!