At the Jardín Tecina Hotel, we are different by nature. An example of this is the place where we are located, since La Gomera is an island with infinitely many wonders such as the Natural Monument of Los Órganos. Located on the north coast of Vallehermoso, it is a natural volcanic monument that owes its name to the resemblance of its columns with authentic pipes of a great organ.

One of its great attractions, which makes the visit a unique experience, is that it can only be seen from the sea, so transfer by the Benchi Express ferry from Playa de Santiago to Valle Gran Rey will be the best option to enjoy a day trip during your stay in La Gomera. An adventure that lasts a little over 3 hours along the island’s west coast, which will allow you to enjoy it in its purest form. During the trip you will make a trip to fishing villages, isolated beaches and ravines, which will make the experience unforgettable. In addition, it is very likely that you will be able to share the route with dolphins and other animals that are typical in the marine fauna of our island.

The location of Los Órganos is such that it can only be seen from the sea or from the air, on a cliff approximately 700 meters high, with very difficult access. The Natural Monument of Los Órganos is one of the clearest examples of lava cooling in a crater with an extension of 150 hectares. Los Órganos was named one of the 18 wonders of Spain by National Geographic in 2018 and is one of the natural symbols of La Gomera.

Thus, Los Órganos is one of many other natural wonders that the island offers and that you will be able to discover during your visit. The National Park of Garajonay, the viewpoints of the town of Agulo, Hermigua, San Sebastian or Vallehermoso and countless natural spots that you will find on your way around the island with infinitely many hiking routes, will turn your holiday in La Gomera into a real experience for all your senses.

Discover La Gomera and our hotel to experience a different adventure by nature.