Have you decided to spend your next holiday in the Canary Islands, and are you already looking for accommodation in La Gomera?

Have you decided to book with us at Hotel Jardin Tecina and be surrounded by spectacular nature?

If you do so, we are sure that your journey, the natural wealth, the excursions and all the activities organized on the island will bring you lots of sweet memories.

However, if you choose to just stay at our hotel to relax and disconnect from the daily routine, we will make sure you enjoy your stay to the fullest. We will take care of every single detail with extreme care to ensure a remarkable and pleasant stay. As an example, we can mention our hand-made cushions, perfect to lie down when you feel tired at the end of the day. Did you know that Hotel Jardín Tecina has a sewing department where these cushions are exclusively made for our hotel? 

The sewing department

The sewing department was designed to satisfy our own need for sustainability by making new uses to the fabrics that are no longer used in our facilities. Thus we create unique and different pieces while generating new jobs and contributing to reduce carbon emissions by avoiding the transport to the island from other parts of the country.

Our team of seamstresses is constantly looking for new ideas. They not only manufacture cushions, in the workshop of the hotel, they also work in many other things like, the uniforms of our Ahemon Spa, the embroidery of bathrobes, the towels, the curtains and footboards of the rooms, all the tablecloths for the restaurants and the lining of the armchairs.

We could say that in each corner of the hotel there is something made by the wonderful hands of our seamstresses, made with care and love.

To create new pieces, we collect materials in use throughout the hotel; in this way we integrate sustainable business practices.

All the cushions on which you lie down in the rooms, common areas, Balinese beds ... have been made with recycled materials, and filled with materials that provide both comfort and support. All of them follow the same style, but at the same time, each one has characteristics that belong to the area where they are located, providing a unique touch on every corner of our hotel.

Now that you know the origin of these pieces, we invite you to observe each of them in a special way. Think about the manufacturing process in which our team has worked, designed and measured, as well as the elaboration of the different pattern and sewing to lastly make a final piece.

All this to achieve maximum comfort that our customers deserve at Hotel Jardin Tecina.