Agulo is one of the smallest and oldest towns of La Gomera. However, it is a picturesque town facing the ocean, with beautiful streets, surrounded by charming trails, and with stunning views to the neighbouring island of Tenerife and its impressive volcano, El Teide.  Thanks to its pretty characteristic, Agulo is known as the bon-bon of La Gomera

Agulo is one of the recommended places to visit if you are planning to travel to La Gomera Island.

This beautiful municipality lies between two valleys, and it is divided into two main areas: the higher area and the lower or mountain area.

In the lower area, you will find the old town, one of the exceptionally well-preserved places in the Canarian archipelago. Once here you will be delighted to walk over its narrow-cobbled streets, white-washed colonial houses with ochre roofs that create a stark contrast, surrounded by orchards for self-consumption. An ecological way of life, far away from the stress and chaos associated with big cities.

You will feel like living in the old days while walking around its quiet and peaceful streets.

La Montañeta, El Charco and Las Casas, comprise the town of Agulo. There are local architecture examples, such as San Marcos Church, a primitive hermitage founded in 1607 that years later became a church. And at the beginning of the twentieth century, was rebuilt to the current neo-gothic style temple.

Another suggested visit in this municipality is the House of José Aguiar, a native and well-known painter of Agulo and one of the referents of Canarian painting. The house is an old structure, built in the eighteenth century and located on la Seda Street.

And we cannot forget to mention, La Plaza de Leoncio Bento, a tourist place, and a social spot for locals.

A wide network of trails will allow you to discover unique places on the island and remarkable landscapes surrounding Agulo, such as Roque Blanco Natural Monument. Approximately twenty-seven hectares of beautiful landscape with a high scientific and natural value due to present of several treasured tree specimens, such as El Madroño

In the surroundings of Agulo, there are several viewpoints with outstanding views and landscapes; Balconies towards nature that will allow you to admire the greatness of Mother Nature.

Among all the viewpoints, it is worth mentioning Abrante, La Montaña del Dinero and Roque Blanco. From La Montaña del Dinero you will have the chance to get an extraordinary panoramic view of the northern slope of Garajonay Park with its valleys and hills.

From Abrante viewpoint, one of the well-known viewpoints on the island, you will see a stunning sight of the entire town of Agulo. All these from an impressive glass platform that will make you feel like flying over the lovely municipality.

As you can note, you have a lot of reasons to visit Agulo and its surroundings. No excuse will be enough to miss all the beauty that encloses this place, which will leave you a lovely taste in your mouth.