Summer is time for feast days and celebrations all around the world, and La Gomera is certainly not the exception. During the summer season many typical fiestas are celebrated in different towns, and have become a local tradition. Traditional fiestas are part of a town or village’s cultural heritage, as well as a tourist attraction that appeals to locals and visitors alike.

  1. Fiesta in honour of the Virgen del Carmen (16th July)

Today, 16th July, a big party is held in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors. It features a variety of maritime processions in the island’s coastal towns. One of the most popular celebrations that is celebrated with great gusto is that of the municipality of Vallehermoso, in particular in the town’s historic centre.

  1. Celebration in honour of the Apostle Saint James in Playa de Santiago (25th July)

Another of the summer fiesta dates in July is that of the Apostle Saint James on 25th July. One of the epicentres of the festivities is Playa de Santiago, the closest beach to our hotel and one of the biggest on the island. These feast days are enjoyed every year by locals and tourists visiting La Gomera on these dates.

  1. The tradition of the Virgen de Candelaria (15th August)

Of the fiestas held during August, one of the biggest is that of Chipude, held in honour of Our Lady of Candelaria, which takes place on 15th August. At these celebrations, the tradition consists of singing “romances” to the virgin, with the fiesta being a meeting place for the best-known players of chácaras (a type of castanet) and drums.

  1. The Fiesta del Ramo in Arure (16th August)

Another important fiesta in La Gomera is the Fiesta del Ramo, especially that held in Arure on 16th August. Every year, a different family makes a “bouquet” of local products, offers it to the Virgin and walks through the town accompanied by dances and songs from the local people. This is a deeply rooted tradition that the locals do not want to lose.

  1. Fiestas de El Cedro in the Hermitage of Lourdes (25th August)

The month ends with the fiestas in El Cedro. This fiesta stands out due to the place where it is held in the surroundings of the Hermitage of Lourdes. The Virgin of Lourdes is taken in a procession through the woods to the hamlet, accompanied by drums, chácaras and dances.

If you visit La Gomera in summer, its fiestas are an unmissable opportunity to enjoy and learn about the traditions and charms of the island.