Nature is one of the great attractions that La Gomera has to make all its visitors enjoy themselves, and our Hotel Jardín Tecina takes it one step further by offering the best products that nature provides us with to make them available to our customers.

Food is the basis for everything and for all of us who like what is natural, a 100% oranic menu is possible at our hotel thanks to our Tecina Eco Farm. Located in the Laurel Club, this is an ecological farm based on the principles of permaculture, which is simply caring for the Earth, caring for people and fair sharing.

Our Eco Farm crops gives a 100% organic that you can enjoy at our Laurel Club. Products grown in a sustainable way, making the most of natural resources, without machinery and using organic matter as fertiliser. Depending on the season, the crops also vary and, consequently, so does the menu that can be tasted. In transition between spring and autumn crops, our Eco Finca Tecina currently offers different types of aubergine and lettuce, borage, chard, strawberries, Kale cabbage, green pepper, papaya, cucumber, leek, leach, sour sop, and spices such as rosemary, coriander, parsley or basil among others.

Can you imagine the combination of many of them on a plate? Our Laurel Club will answer this for you by tasting a 100% organic menu made with fruits and vegetables from our harvest, tasting La Gomera in the most natural way. In addition, if you want to take a walk through our Tecina Eco Fam and learn how it works and everything related to organic farming, you can enjoy a guided tour every Tuesday.

The Jardín Tecina Hotel will provide you with the best ingredients to experience a sustainable holiday because we are different by nature. Do you want to come and check it out?