La Gomera has many attractions for everybody who comes to spend a few days on the island. Nature, with a countless number of hiking trails from where you can enjoy the Garajonay National Park; the ocean where you can practise different water-based activities, or the local cuisine with its typical flavours… All of these things will make your stay in La Gomera unforgettable.

And more specifically, one of the characteristic flavours of the island is that of its wines. La Gomera has its own denominación de origen (or “designation of origin”), with many wineries producing the different wines.

Winemaking in La Gomera is characterised by vines grown on steep slopes. In general, the vines are grown at ground level, although you can also find medium-height vineyards in the Hermigua area.

The denomination of origin of La Gomera is one of Spain’s most recently acquired, and the most characteristic wines are young dry whites, although the reds that are made in the island’s different wineries also stand out for their aroma and flavour.

At the hotel, we want our guests to discover everything the island offers, and as we do with other typical products, you can also taste some of these wines, such as Cumbres de Garajonay and Montoro. These wines will be the perfect accompaniment to other Gomeran delicacies such as almogrote or when sampling one of the dishes made with 100% organic products from our Eco Finca Tecina.

You can therefore add wine to the list of attractions that you really must discover during your visit to La Gomera and, as always, at Jardín Tecina we place it within your reach.

If you visit La Gomera... we encourage you to taste its wines!