The island of La Gomera is known for its rich tradition of craftsmanship, culture and history. Today there is a wide range of craftwork, but the most outstanding are the more traditional ones, which are pottery, carpentry, weaving and basketry. If you decide to visit La Gomera, discovering its craft traditions will make you fall even more in love with this island.

In addition to being valued as works of art, these crafts also contribute to financially supporting many local craftsmen and women. Therefore, preserving and promoting La Gomera's craftwork is essential to keep this important cultural tradition alive.


Traditional ceramics

The handcrafted ceramics of La Gomera are an invaluable cultural treasure. Firstly, it stands out for the technique used in their creation. The island's potters use ancient methods that have been perfected over the years. From kneading and moulding the clay to firing in traditional wood-fired kilns, every step of the process is meticulously and carefully performed.

But what makes La Gomera ceramics truly special is their design and decoration. Each piece is unique and decorated with traditional motifs representing the culture and nature of the island. The colours used, mainly earth tones and blues, represent the volcanic landscape of La Gomera and the sea that surrounds it. You will find everything from plates and vases to figurines and everyday objects, each with its own charm and beauty.

Ceramics has an important cultural and symbolic significance. These pieces are considered to be part of the island's heritage and represent La Gomera’s identity. They are the result of the passion and skill of local potters, who have kept this tradition alive.



Another important craft in La Gomera is carpentry. The island's carpenters have exceptional skills and use local wood to create furniture, decorative items and works of art. The wood used in carpentry in La Gomera is mainly from autochthonous trees such as the Canary Island pine and the mocán. These skilled carpenters use traditional techniques to carve and shape wood, creating unique and durable pieces. The style of La Gomera’s carpentry is characterised by its rusticity and elegance, and the wooden furniture and objects are highly valued both locally and internationally.



Last but not least, we would like to highlight basketry in La Gomera. This is another traditional trade that has been practised on the island for centuries. Craftsmen and women use natural materials such as palm trees, canes or reed, to create spectacular objects woven manually such as baskets, rugs or hats. This activity is popular for it requires being skilled and meticulous. The finished pieces stand out for their quality and beauty. Furthermore, it also plays an important role in daily life on the island, as the farmers use the traditional baskets to collect and transport products.


Craftsmanship on La Gomera is truly special and unique. Each piece created through these traditional crafts reflects our history and the culture of the island. Come and you will fall in love with this art. Our magical island awaits you!