Every corner of La Gomera has its charm and in each village, you will find a story that characterises it. One of them is Alajeró, one of the most magical places on our island. Situated to the south of the island, it stands out for its picturesque historic centre, farmhouses, palm groves, hermitages, beaches and its famous dragon tree. Here are the 5 places that are a must and that you cannot miss during your visit to Alajeró.

  • Historic centre. Alajeró's historic centre preserves the characteristics of a typical Canarian village. Houses among palm groves and flowered streets fill this picturesque town with colour. You cannot miss the Town Hall building with its clock, or the main square with the Church of Alajeró.
  • Church of El Salvador. It is one of the most striking churches on the island of La Gomera. Situated in the town centre, this 16th century sanctuary stands out for its stone façade and wooden ceilings, and for the Christ it houses inside.
  • Hermitage of Buen Paso. The hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Buen Paso is situated between ravines, on the outskirts of the urban centre. One of the most popular festivals of La Gomera is held there. The procession of the Descent of the Virgin to the rhythm of the Gomeran chácaras and drums is characteristic of the town.
  • Playa de Santiago beach. One of the must-sees in Alajeró. It is home to one of the most important tourist centres of the island with a pebbles and black sand beach over one kilometre long, a fishing port and a seafront promenade.
  • Dragon tree of Agalán. It is in the Barranco de Tajonaje ravine where you will find the Dragon tree of Agalán. More than 400 years old, it is the oldest specimen of this native species on the island. It has become a symbol of the municipality that you can visit while enjoying a hiking route during your holidays in La Gomera.

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