Commitment to the land and working with, as opposed to against, nature.

This is one of our premises at the Jardín Tecina Hotel where a clear example of our commitment to sustainability is our Eco Finca Tecina. A unique ecological space with an agricultural design based on the patterns and characteristics of the ecosystem, which follows the principles of permaculture. But what are the keys to this type of agriculture?

  1. Ethics. Permaculture is a commitment to life that combines human solutions such as the habitat, the economy, the common good and the care of people. It consists of ecological settlements that are fully integrated into the environment that reproduce ecosystems and rationally use local materials and resources through autonomous means. The three ethical principles of permaculture are:
  • Caring for the earth
  • Taking care of people
  • Equitable distribution of wealth
  1. Respect. Permaculture combines the lives of people, animals and plants in a harmonious and beneficial way for everyone, principles that govern our Eco Finca Tecina. In these ecosystems, the environment is considered as a whole where components have a meaning, a place and a relationship with all the others. In addition to people and crops, our 100% organic farm is also home to our animals, each with its function and its own history.
  1. Sustainability A permaculture design such as that of our Eco Finca Tecina involves an attention and planning exercise that is appropriate to the space without producing any environmental impact and without wasting or discarding anything. On the contrary, it gives something back in order to contribute to and maintain natural sustainability.

Everything is sustainable at our Eco Finca Tecina. We designed the crops to make the most of natural resources, respect the natural growth of plants and use organic material as fertilisers. Furthermore, in order to use natural resources in a balanced way, we use crop rotation and association techniques, so that all plants develop a function in relation to each other.

At the Jardín Tecina Hotel we have created a natural habitat to take care of you and everything around you.  

Soon you will be able to come and visit!