To talk about the Garajonay National Park is to talk about nature in its purest form. A protected area that is considered the natural heart of La Gomera and contains infinitely many curiosities. What is it that makes it unique?

  • Maximum exponent of the laurel forest. The Garajonay national park stands out for being the main exponent of the Canary Island laurel forest, an ecosystem from the Tertiary Period, which is still preserved in optimal conservation conditions on our island. It is reminiscent of tropical forests, where lush laurels coexist with giant heathers, full of ferns, mosses and climbing vines.


  • Enchanted forest. As we were saying, the Garajonay park houses one of the best-preserved laurel forests on the planet, typical of the most mountainous islands. It is trapped by clouds, exposed to the humid trade winds that carry water particles and then crash and settle on the trees’ leaves and branches. This humidity favours the presence of mosses, lichens, ferns and fungi that cover the branches giving the forest a magical and enchanted aspect.


  • Forest of legends. As it could not be otherwise, there is also a legend to the Garajonay park which is where it takes its name from. The lovers Gara, a Princess of La Gomera and Jonay, from Tenerife, faced with their families’ disapproval of their love, decided to kill themselves by sticking a wooden spear into themselves and throwing themselves off the highest peak of the island.


  • 3 natural acknowledgements. Its extension of approximately 4,000 hectares, which represents 11% of the total surface of La Gomera. Precisely, its good state of conservation and the beauty of its landscape have made it worthy of being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. In addition to this, it has been recognised as a National Park since 1981 and a Biosphere Reserve since 2012, in this case with the entire island of La Gomera. Something that has been achieved by very few destinations in the whole of Spain.


Enjoying these and other natural wonders that our island has to offer is getting closer and closer each day. Stop counting the days and make the days count.

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