If you’re planning your next trip to La Gomera, here is our guide to the 10 essential things you need to put in your suitcase to make your experience on our island unforgettable. We’ve thought about all the attractions offered by La Gomera that you can enjoy during your stay, so don’t forget:

  1. Comfortable and sporty clothes. If you are a lover of hiking and nature, La Gomera is the ideal destination. With over 600 kilometres of trails, enjoy one of your favourite activities whilst revelling in the unique landscape. So don’t forget to pack comfortable and sporty clothes, as well as the right footwear for this type of activity. You’ll find routes for all tastes on La Gomera, with long or short trails with varying degrees of difficulty, with views of the ocean or immersing yourself in the nature of the island and enjoying its abundant flora.
  2. Backpack. There’s so much to see and do on La Gomera you’ll need to be accompanied by a good backpack to make your excursions more comfortable. If you’re going to do hiking trails or sports activities, a backpack will be indispensable for carrying water and any essential items that you might need on your trip.
  3. Camera. And more precisely, don’t forget to put your camera in the backpack that’s going to accompany you on your trip. You can use it to immortalise your best moments on the island, as well as all its charms and incredible landscapes that you will want to see again when the time comes to return home. You really mustn’t miss the chance to photograph the sunsets in La Gomera, a wonder for all the senses.
  4. Bathing suit. Of course, don’t forget to pack your swimsuits or bikinis to enjoy swimming in the ocean marvelling over the island’s spectacular beaches. Very close to Hotel Jardín Tecina is Playa de Santiago, a beach that has recently revalidated its Blue Flag, proof of its excellent conditions and services.
  5. Sun protection. Don’t forget your sun protection to ensure you enjoy your stay on La Gomera and take advantage of the island’s great weather. You still need to take care of your health when you are on holiday, so to fully enjoy the island’s climate and enjoy all the outdoor activities on offer, remember to add sun cream and a sunhat to your list of essential items.
  6. Sunglasses. If we said that sun protection is essential, sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun will be too. In addition to sunglasses, on your trip to La Gomera you may also need another type of eyewear if you are a scuba diver, for example. The island is teeming with marine life, so find a space in your suitcase for your mask and snorkel.
  7. A good appetite. In addition to objects, you need to bring some other essential things to La Gomera to make your trip to the island an unforgettable experience. Among them, we recommend you bring a good appetite, as on La Gomera you can taste all of the flavours of the island with a cuisine and restaurants that won’t leave you indifferent. Our advice would be: don’t leave the island without trying some typical dishes like
  8. Discover traditions. La Gomera is an island of traditions, so open your mind to find out more about them. The “Salto del Pastor” and the “Silbo Gomero” are two of them. The shepherd’s leap is part of the Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands, and the Gomeran whistle was recognised by the European Union as a language in 2009 and declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Are you going to miss seeing that?
  9. Be ready to have a good time. If you travel to La Gomera, your suitcase should also arrive packed with the desire to have an amazing time. There are a countless number of sports, cultural and leisure activities for both children and adults, guaranteeing an unforgettable vacation.
  10. Rest. Set aside a little space in your luggage to rest and relax. La Gomera is about enjoyment, and at Hotel Jardín Tecina we would like to offer you our own space for relaxation with our Spa Ahemon. This centre for relaxing, chilling and caring for our health is set in a peaceful location overlooking the sea. Recharge your batteries here after a day getting to know the charms of our island.