Gastronomy is another appealing aspect of our island, and discovering it through the flavours of our land can become an unforgettable experience. Today we will discover one of the most valued products of La Gomera’s gastronomy, its cheese.

La Gomera cheese

La Gomera cheese is characteristically made with raw goat's milk or a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. Depending on the curing process, as with other types of cheese, typical La Gomera cheese also has different flavours, ranging from the soft and delicate taste of fresh cheese to the strong aroma and flavour of cured cheese.

In addition to its flavour, another feature and strong point that makes La Gomera cheese distinct is its traditional craft production. Cheese producers put all their effort and care into the cheese making process, from the feeding of goats, caring for them and milking them to obtain the milk, to the last step of packaging.

An example of the importance of this product in La Gomera’s gastronomy is that it is one of the main ingredients used in to prepare almogrote, another very distinct  product on the island.

  • Canary Islands almogrote

If you visit La Gomera you should not miss the opportunity to try this typical product. The Canary Islands almogrote is one of the star dishes of our gastronomy. Its texture is similar to pâté and, as we said earlier, its main ingredient is cured La Gomera cheese accompanied by pepper, tomato and oil. This results in a tasty dish with a hint of spice, ideal to serve as a side dish with potatoes or bread.

The origin of the almogrote goes way back in the island’s history, as it comes from a Sephardic recipe. Almogrote is a delicatessen that is a must for all those who visit our island. This star dish in La Gomera's gastronomy came to be as a result of using the hard parts of cheese through a simple but tasty, traditional recipe.

The cheese used to make almogrote is generally goat's cheese, which results in this gastronomic jewel that is characterised by its intense flavour, artisan production and local character.

Other typical Canary Island cheeses

In the Canary Islands, cheese is something that appeals to the palate of visitors, no matter which island they travel to. So, we can talk about other types of Canary Island cheeses.

  • Majorero cheese

Majorero cheese is a Canary Island cheese that is made from Majorero goat's milk and that is produced mainly in Fuerteventura. Its designation of origin is recognised since 1996. Although it is a goat's cheese, up to 15% of Canary Island sheep's milk can be added during the curing process.

Cheese factories in La Gomera

If you are going to spend a few days in La Gomera, you will undoubtedly want to take some typical Canary Island cheese back home. There are many producers you can visit on the island. From "Alimentos de La Gomera", a brand that encompasses traditional food products from and produced exclusively on our island, we propose the following list of La Gomera cheese producers:

  • Ayamosna Cheese Factory
  • Elisa Cheese Factory
  • Fernando Mora Cheese Factory
  • La Empleita Cheese Factory
  • Quise Cheese Factory
  • San Lorenzo Cheese Factory
  • Gomero Artisan Cheese
  • Placido Cheese
  • Gomero La Cabezada Cheese

La Gomera will also captivate you through your palate and Hotel Jardín Tecina will be the best choice to remember your experience with a pleasant taste in your mouth.