Food is another of the attractions of our island, and one of the most valued products on the menu in La Gomera is Gomero cheese. This type of cheese is made with raw goat’s milk or a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk. As with other types of cheese, the typical cheese of La Gomera also changes in taste, depending on the level of curing. It ranges from the soft and delicate flavour of fresh cheese, to the strong smell and flavour of cured cheese.

A sign of the importance of this product on Gomeran menus is that it is one of the main ingredients used to make another of the most island’s characteristic products, almogrote.

If you visit La Gomera, don’t miss the chance to also try this typical product. Almogrote is one of the star dishes of our cuisine. It has a similar texture to that of a pâté and, as we have already mentioned, its main ingredient is cured Gomero cheese, pepper, tomato and oil. This results in a delicious dish which is a little spicy, ideal for accompanying potatoes (“papas”) or bread.

The origin of almogrote dates back to the island’s most distant history, as it is based on a Sephardic recipe. Almogrote is a delicatessen product that everyone who visits the island really should try. This star of Gomeran cuisine came about as a result of making the most of hard pieces of cheese, with a simple, traditional, yet very tasty recipe.

Goat’s cheese is usually used to make almogrote, creating a gastronomic jewel that has an intense flavour, artisan production and a unique local character.

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