La Gomera Island is a subtropical paradise, and so has it been acknowledged in several international media, which consider it the “best destination for winter holidays”. Who does not like tranquillity, be surrounded by nature and enjoy good weather all year round?
If you still have not visited our island, by the time you finish reading this article, you will really wish to do so. 
  1. It is the second smallest island on the Canary Islands archipelago, with 370 km2. This makes it the perfect destination if you have few days, but you want to visit a genuine place.
  2. Despite its beauty, La Gomera is not as overcrowded as other islands. It is perfect to relax and disconnect for a few days.
  3. The Tenerife - La Gomera ferry allows tourists to visit these two islands, even if they do not have too much time. It is a journey that is usually accompanies by whales and dolphins welcoming tourists.
  4. La Gomera has a network of trails that is over 600 kilometres long and that will make you discover everything that this natural enclave has reserved for you.
  5. It is one of the islands that best preserves its historical legacy, heritage, and traditions. So if you love cultural trips: La Gomera is your destination.
  6. Its beautiful roads will show you a landscape that is full of contrasts. You will not know whether you are in a tropical paradise or in a fairy tale surrounded by a laurel forest.
  7. In addition to the island’s cultural heritage, such as the La Gomera whistle, if you are lucky, you may see its indigenous lizard. Did you know that it was believed to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 1999?
  8. And we have saved the best for the end. The Garajonay Park. If you are thinking about making a quiet trip and you are thinking about visiting a couple of places, Garajonay must be one of them. It takes up 10% of the island and when you walk through its trails, you are teletransported to a fairy tale forest where it seems that magical beings are about to pop up at any time.   We recommend you walk these trails in the morning. The park is perfect to go with children since all excursions starting here are easy and ideal for the whole family.
We have given you 8 reasons that make La Gomera a unique place. After visiting it, walking its trails, and knowing its culture, you will surely add many more to the list.