The wait has been long, but the time has finally come. The Hotel Jardín Tecina opens to the public on July 31st and we want to do so by offering our clients maximum safety during their stay, so they can enjoy an unforgettable experience in a holiday that will be different by nature.

To this end, we have developed the program "We take care of you, we take care of everyone" in order to explain in depth the protocols and the set of measures that will guarantee our customers a safe holiday with top quality, hygiene and control.

Our aim is to ensure that guests, employees and partners are protected and safe on our premises. To this end, we have followed all the experts’ recommendations and adapted our prevention and hygiene processes to the current situation. In addition, a Technical Committee will ensure maximum security at the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

Many measures have been put in place to make our customers feel safe and comfortable in this unique sustainable environment.

Hygiene and disinfection:

Three main actions are being carried out in our hotel in terms of cleaning and disinfection:

  • Common areas with limited capacity and disinfection following established protocols and frequency.
  • The hotel will open with reduced room availability to ensure maximum safety. The rooms will be completely disinfected, including all objects and surfaces inside them, following the health protocol for textile washing. After each stay, they will remain unoccupied for the time recommended by the health authorities.
  • Kitchens, Bars and Restaurants. All kitchenware will be sterilised with the frequency established by regulations. And the opening will be with limited capacity.

Air and water purification.

  • Inspections for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and decontamination protocols will increase their frequency.
  • In swimming pools, water sanitation protocols will be reviewed and applied in accordance with the new regulations.
  • Drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment standards will be strictly followed.

Social distancing.

We will be close, but always guaranteeing our guest’s safety.

  • A signage system with signs and stickers will be implemented to remind our guests the rules to be followed at all times.
  • The common areas will be redesigned adapting them to the new legislation regarding the separation between people.
  • Protection measures for both employees and customers.

Catering areas adapted to the new regulations.

We want our customers to enjoy our restaurant services with full peace of mind. The following measures will be established to such end:

  • Assisted Buffet
  • Room service for a la carte products
  • Menu service in our restaurants
  • Takeaway breakfast for early departures (on request)
  • In room dinner service for arrivals after the closure of restaurants.
  • Catering for events and meetings following the rules established to prevent contagion.
  • Local and top-quality products from our Eco Finca Tecina
  • Request for certificates from suppliers and control of delivery processes


Protection measures for our customers.

People are our top priority and proper protection is critical to their safety. For this, we provide our clients with disinfectant gels, masks and gloves for use during their stay.


Protection measures for employees.

Like our customers, our staff’s safety and protection is also another one of our priorities. A number of measures will be followed to such end:

  • Daily checks before and after work
  • Special training in health safety
  • Early detection health programmes
  • Supply of protection and hygienic equipment
  • Supplier control for access to our facilities

Process digitalisation.

In order to continue to be close to our clients, offering a personalised service, but minimising risks as much as possible, we have enhanced the digitalisation of our processes:

  • Fast Pass: Check in and Check out via App
  • Online customer service
  • Immediate communication with guests via App for any consultation

At the Hotel Jardín Tecina we are committed to ensuring people's safety. Our hotel has been recognised by the Secretary of State for Tourism with the 'Responsible Tourism' label, awarded to all establishments that follow the Guidelines for measures to reduce COVID-19 infection in the tourism sector.

At the Hotel Jardín Tecina, you are our top priority.

You will be in good hands here.